Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bear Turns 1!

Well hi there! 
Long time no....see? Read? I don't know. Long time no blog basically.

Annnnyways. I hope you have all been doing great! I miss you when I don't blog.

This past weekend, Garrett and I flew to Houston for a certain little boy's 1st birthday party. My best friend Brittany's son, Bear, turned one and since Garrett and I hadn't even met him yet, we decided we were going.  We got there Friday evening and flew out Sunday morning. It was a quick trip but we had so much fun!

Airport selfie.

Sidenote: This was my first trip to Houston and as soon as we landed, I could feel the humidity. People warned me but I wasn't prepared. I was sticky and gross from the moment I got there to the moment I left. 

Friday evening we all went out to dinner. The restaurant had delicious food and they threw the most delicious rolls at you. Yes, they literally threw them at you. I mean they waited until you were looking, and I guess it was more of a toss than a throw. It was fun and we were in great company.

Saturday was Bear's big day! Brit had been up all morning setting up for the party so by the time Garrett and I were up and ready, everything was pretty much done. We helped set a couple of things up and Garrett went with Zach to get the food. Then it was party time!

Brittany went all out for Bear's party. The decor was so detailed and sweet. The party was storybook themed, inspired by the children's book Good Night, Little Bear. Prepare yourself for picture overload!

My favorite detail of the party. Bear's timeline!

Arriving in style in his new wagon!

Cake time!

Saturday night we all went to Pappadeaux for dinner. It was so much fun to go to dinner with such a big group of people! I have known the Fullwood's for a long time and when my 2 best friends married into the Fullwood family, I was a bit jealous. Two of my best friends are pretty much sisters! But, this weekend, they made Garrett and I feel like family. We had such a great time celebrating Bear's one year milestone!

Brit & Z:
Thank y'all SO much for having us! And for letting us stay in your guest bedroom. And for letting me drink 4893953 of your water bottles. And for listening to me complain about the heat. And for picking us up and driving us back to the airport. And for letting us be a part of Bear's first birthday. And for treating us like family! We love y'all!!