Monday, July 28, 2014

Mom & Dad Do Denver 2014

Hey there! 
Just doing a little family visit to Denver recap. However, first things first, this sweet little kitty turns 8 today! Happy birthday Harley cat! ; )


Two Sunday's ago my parents flew into Denver for a visit. Mom had a District Attorney's conference right in the heart of downtown, so it was a perfect excuse for them to come hang out with us! It was a short, but eventful, several days. Garrett and I both had to work during the week, but we squeezed in as much family time as possible. 

While they were here we went to Jazz in the Park, the Denver Aquarium, a Rockies baseball game, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. We also ate at several delicious restaurants and mom and I went to the outlets to do a little Paris shopping.

Jazz in the Park at City Park is something Garrett and I have talked about doing since we moved here but just haven't. It was nice to finally go and to share that little piece of Denver with my family. I couldn't believe how many people were there! 

This is a high school that we passed on our way to City Park. It looks like it belongs in a movie.

Monday, G headed to work and we went to the aquarium. 

My faaaavorite! Why can't I pet him?

Rockies game. Way too hot.

Tuesday morning mom and I headed to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Botanic Gardens. Dad said he "wasn't paying money to see flowers" so he did his own thing. Men.

Dale Chihuly is a glass artist and the Denver Botanic Gardens are hosting several of his pieces. All of these pieces, big and small, were designed by him! Amazing.

Garrett left work early, and the people at my work were nice enough to let me not go in that day, so we all were able to have lunch and head to the outlets together. Mom and I shopped for Paris (it was a must that I find comfortable shoes). I may or may not be freaking out inside a little bit about what I am going to wear while there. I am. 

It was a nice time with mom and dad, we are so thankful they were able to be here! Garrett and I will be going to Texas soon and will get in so much family time, we can't wait! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sweet Summertime

Hi guys!

I had the urge to write today, not that I have anything too incredibly important to talk about. Does that ever happen to you? You have the urge to write but feel like you have nothing in particular to write about? It happens over here allllll the time! 

Either that, or what I want to write about is something that has been bothering me, making me sad, or stressing me out. I typically have the urge to write when I am feeling down because, for me, writing is a coping skill. I like to use it as a medium for my personal thoughts, and not-so-happy feelings. With that being said, I don't want it to become a negative space. Where's the fun in that? Plus, today what I am feeling is EXCITEMENT! : )

I have a really exciting summer coming up! Here's the low case you care.


1. My parents are coming to visit! I haven't seen them since March, and Garrett and I are really excited that they will be here soon! We are going to a Rockies baseball game while they are here and will probably do some shopping. Yessssss! 

2. Mine and Garrett's 4 year anniversary is the 31st! Garrett planned a trip to Steamboat Springs for us and I can't wait! A nice little getaway in a small mountain town? YES please!

Throwback to our wedding. 
Mexico, July 2010


1. Garrett and I are going home to Texas! It has been way too long since we have both been able to go home together. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even tell you the last time. I haven't seen Kinley since she was a week old, and Garrett has never met her so, needless to say, we are both dying to see that sweet baby! I have a feeling I'm not going to want to leave her side.

Kinley perfectly modeling a dress we got her from H&M.

2. PARIS! Mom and I leave for France mid August and it still hasn't fully hit me. I have been dying to go back to Europe since my last trip in 2007 and it is finally almost here! We will be in Paris for a couple of days and then will board a river cruise from Paris to the Beaches of Normandy. I am SO very thankful that my mom invited me along on this trip and can't wait to make some great memories together. 

I love having things to look forward to. Those little, or big, things are the meaning of life! 

What fun things do you have planned this summer?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Renaissance Festival

HI! : )

I hope you guys are doing great and that your weeks are all off to a great start. Can you believe it's already July!? Half of 2014 is already over, which seems crazy. 

Garrett and I have been busy with work, but we have also been trying to plan fun weekend adventures. Living in Colorado has many upsides, one of them being the amount of things to do and see here. While we love our lazy weekends, and get plenty of those in, we have been trying to seek out things to go do and explore on the weekends.

This past weekend, we went to the Renaissance Festival (as you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram). It. was. Awesome. I love being somewhere that seems to take you to another place and time, and this was just that. The shop owners were in costume and spoke with an accent, there was a jousting tournament, and the buildings were designed to look like they were from that time period. It was like an entire theme park dedicated to the Renaissance. The people watching was pretty spectacular too.

I have been wanting a flower crown/headband/whatever you call it for awhile and I found several here. I wish it were normal to wear flowers in your hair everyday. 

My friend Julie went with us and she and I spent the majority of our time trying on hats. 

I shared my first ever turkey leg. It was delicious, albeit also a little disgusting. Something about biting meat off the bone, seeing blood veins, and tendons thoroughly grosses me out. 

It was a fun weekend and Garrett is already planning his outfit for next year. Yes, I'm serious. 

We both work Fourth of July evening and are not too excited about it. I just want to go watch fireworks! What are your plans for the 4th?

Hope you have a safe and fun weekend!