Monday, August 19, 2013


Well hello!

Long time no talk. What's new you ask? Well, let's see. 
I switched positions at work again. I work at the front desk. I have the weekends and Monday's off. I get to spend two WHOLE days with Garrett to do fun things like...

Help Garrett pick out a brand new set of golf clubs.

Go on late evening ice cream dates to really cool ice cream places!
{and find neat looking paper covered walls like this one!}

Salted Oreo and Butterfinger. YUM!

Win money playing Blackjack!

Buy Taylor's new perfume. It smells SO good! : )

And, last but not least, eat really delicious food at our favorite restaurants.

And, for good measure, fall in love with this song. I listen to it on repeat.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Garrett and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on July 31st. 
Usually we try to take a weekend trip, but since we had just gotten back from Ruidoso, and we both had to work, we didn't do anything fancy.

On Wednesday, the day of our anniversary, we both headed to work at 3. You think I normally hate work, I really hated it that day. I just wanted to be with my husband on our anniversary, is that too much to ask? Geez!

Anyways, that day at work I was surprised with these:

With the flowers was a sweet note telling me to be ready at 8:30 the next evening for dinner. My girls at work read the card and thought it was sweet that he sent flowers. They had so many questions, wondering what I was going to wear and where we were going. One girl said, "Ooooh, you had better look fine!" I'm still giggling at that.

Thursday evening we went to a restaurant called Linger in Denver. It was awesome! Linger used to be Olinger Mortuary, so certain things they have/do are mortuary themed. I know it sounds weird but it worked and was neat to see. They serve small plates of "street" foods from several different countries, and you have to order several plates to be full. Total we ordered 3 plates, got one plate free, and had a dessert. We both loved it and already want to go back. It was fairly expensive ($87 including tip) but the service and food were perfect. 

When we walked in we were greeted and given an anniversary card that the staff had all signed. I mean, who does that? We were both impressed. They serve popcorn as an appetizer and that nights flavor was an Indian seasoning with curry and nutmeg. I had a difficult time deciding on what to order because everything was fancy, or in my brain, weird. And it was dark in there! Needless to say, the pictures I took aren't very good. Not only was it too dark in there, all I brought was my cell phone. Oops.

Told ya it was dark!
These are our "dead" faces. Don't ask.

Our first plate, Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Our free plate, Seared Diver Scallops:
I sure didn't like these, gross!

The 3rd, and best in my opinion, plate. 
Wagyu Burger Sliders with Sweet Potato Waffle Fries:

Chicken B'stilla:

Dessert Menu on a toe tag.

They hooked us up with free toasting champagne. I'm telling ya, they took care of us!

"Milk & Cookies" dessert:

After dinner we went to see The Conjuring and finished off the night with a parking ticket. Basically our anniversary consisted of food {hence this post reading like a restaurant review} and we were ok with that. It was nice to get dressed up and go out on an actual date together. 

Babe- Thank you so much for making our anniversary special. Even more important, thank you for loving me through everything unconditionally. I couldn't imagine life without you. You are perfect in every way.
I love you.