Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Quick 30 Week Update

How far along? 30 Weeks 

Weight gain/loss? I'm not sure! I will find out at my appointment tomorrow.

Maternity clothes? Yep! Pretty much all I wear at this point. They are definitely what is most comfortable, though I can still wear some regular clothes, too. They just don't look as good.

Sleep? I have been sleeping pretty well! Other than getting up to pee several times a night, I sleep pretty normally, which is good. I keep reading that the further along I get, the worse sleeping will become, so I'm holding on to this as long as I can.

Best moment this week? It was a little over a week ago now, but my family flew into Denver to surprise me for Halloween!! Garrett was in on the whole thing too, and went to pick them up at the airport (after telling me he had to go pick up a "client"). They showed up at my front door, in Hocus Pocus costumes (and even brought me one), trick or treating!

They stayed with us until Sunday, we got to do a bunch of fun things, and had a really good time together. Mom and Alyssa kept trying to feel the baby move, but he is sneaky and only wants to move when no one's hand is on my stomach.

Movement? Yes! They range from flutters/twitches to full on kicks/rolling over. Sometimes my whole stomach will move. For the most part, he is active after I eat something or right when I lay down/sit down after moving around.

Miss anything? I miss shopping for clothes...regular clothes. I have bought a few things here and there, but things don't fit the same as they do when I'm not pregnant, so it's more difficult. I also miss not having to pee every 30 minutes.
Food cravings? I don't really have too many cravings, but when I do it is usually for something sweet. Mainly chocolatey.

Food aversions? No.

Symptoms: Peeing often. Getting emotional easily, especially about happy things. Getting out of breath more quickly than normal. And, just this past week or so, I have noticed that my bladder pretty much always feels full/heavy.

Started to show yet? Yes. Even strangers don't hesitate now, I have had several people say something about the baby or just in some way acknowledge I am pregnant without me doing so first.
Mood this week? I've been pretty content this past week! Though, right now, not gonna lie, I am feeling stressed because...don't laugh...these cats are driving me crazy. Having 2 older cats and a kitten is a bad idea. They constantly fight and get into things they aren't supposed to. It feels like I have 3 kids sometimes. Right now, I have each one in a separate room. It was either that or I was going to kill them.

What I am looking forward to? Our 31 week appointment tomorrow! We have a growth scan so we will get to see our baby boy! Hoping he is on track and healthy.

Next appointment? November 9th, tomorrow!

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  1. 30 weeks!!!! He's going to be here so soon! What an amazing surprise! Garrett has always been so thoughtful!