Monday, August 19, 2013


Well hello!

Long time no talk. What's new you ask? Well, let's see. 
I switched positions at work again. I work at the front desk. I have the weekends and Monday's off. I get to spend two WHOLE days with Garrett to do fun things like...

Help Garrett pick out a brand new set of golf clubs.

Go on late evening ice cream dates to really cool ice cream places!
{and find neat looking paper covered walls like this one!}

Salted Oreo and Butterfinger. YUM!

Win money playing Blackjack!

Buy Taylor's new perfume. It smells SO good! : )

And, last but not least, eat really delicious food at our favorite restaurants.

And, for good measure, fall in love with this song. I listen to it on repeat.


  1. I LOVE that song! It is so good :)

  2. Two days off together?! I'll take it :)

    Looks like you're both having lots of fun!

    And yay for winning! That's the best!

    And now I need Chinese food and ice cream. So much for detoxing from the weekend.

  3. I'm so jealous you won at blackjack! Jerett and I went to Biloxi over the weekend and we didn't win anything. Boo. But yay for you and yay for more quality time for you and the hubby!

  4. Hope you are enjoying your new position! The schedule definitely sounds more appealing...especially with more time for ice cream :)

  5. How wonderful that you get so much more time with your love now. Hope the new position is one you enjoy!

  6. yeah for winning money!! and that ice cream looks awesome!!!

  7. Yeah! Life is good again. I'd kill for your hours!

  8. I didn't know G got new clubs...that's awesome!! Does he like them? We should play golf when y'all come visit :) :). I haven't played in sooo long. That ice cream looks SO good; now I want some. And so does the Chinese! Denver has the most amazing restaurants!!

  9. whitney, i'm so happy to read that you have a new schedule and are able to spend lots of time with the mr! that's wonderful! ahhh, salted oreo ice cream - i love it! i am in love with anything sweet and salty! that place looks so cute!
    i love your flowered dress! congratulations on the big win!
    i hope you have a great week!! xoxox

  10. That ice cream looks incredible.

  11. fun! so g;ad you found the positive with your new work sched. ice cream looks yummy and the place looks cool. you really do love all things Taylor Swift. the perfume does smell nice. i have a little sample of it in my purse :)