Thursday, October 16, 2014

France Day 7: Les Andelys

Saturday, August 23rd

Today was a day full of cruising and a short stop in Les Andelys.

After docking, we had the option of roaming around the small town on our own, or doing a guided tour up to the castle. Mom chose to go and see the castle, I chose to venture around the town on my own. I mean, the castle was a major uphill walk and I wasn't in the mood to get sweaty. Plus, like I said before, roaming around a town in France by yourself is pretty cool.

Like every other town we visited, Les Andelys was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Chateau Gaillard, the castle mom hiked to. This was King Richard the Lionheart's castle. He feared an attack from the king of France, so he built this in 1196 for protection.

Les Andelys Church

While waiting on mom to return from her tour, I decided I might as well stop at the local bakery. Nothing like eating an eclair while staring out onto the Seine.

Look how cute these tiny, fuzzy, French baby birds are!

Our boat!

View from the castle of our boat and Les Andelys. #nofilter

On our way to Conflans!
There were so many swans in the river.

Going through a lock. If you are like I was and have no idea what a lock is, it's basically just a way to raise/lower boats to match the differing heights of the river at certain points. We went through several of these.

On board drink and dessert. : )

Tomorrow is Van Gogh's town!

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  1. How cool to be able to roam around by yourself and just take all that in. That being said-I would have gone for the castle. I am a sucker for castles and always up for a physical challenge on vacation. This is so badly making me want to go back to France and Italy and stay out of the big cities. I love the idea of being in a quaint little town roaming about and drinking wine.