Love Story

This blog is called Keeping Up with the Cyperts because it's a look inside my life with my sweet husband. Here's a little look at how we met, married, and moved to Denver!

We started dating in high school. I was a senior, he was a junior. It was love.

I graduated and went to college, he stayed in high school for one more year. We dated throughout that year, living 2 hours apart.

Garrett graduated in 2006 and came to Texas Tech with me! High school AND college sweethearts!

Then we got engaged! 

We had a beautiful beach wedding in Mexico.

And moved to Denver!

There you have it! The condensed, photo version of our love story!
And just for good measure...


  1. Your prom dress picture is gorgeous. Seriously, I just love everything about it!

  2. Such a sweet love story :) Matty and I are high school and college sweethearts too. It is so amazing getting to experience these different stages of life together...such a blessing!

    -Jenna Brianne

  3. Fun Mexico wedding! I love your wedding dress! We honeymooned in Mexico!