Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Sliders

I'm tempted to continue on with other "S" words for this title, like Simple Sliders Snakes Slices and Sour cream, but I won't. It would be fun though. And probably get your attention. But, hopefully just the mention of a slider will get your attention as well!

One of mine and Garrett's favorite things to do on a Saturday night is grill burgers and hot dogs. Yes, AND hot dogs! It's only us two (for now) but we love to make both. Then immediately regret it as soon as we get up to clear our plates. But, that's what Saturday nights are for, to eat too much and to be too lazy!

We love to grill.

Here's proof:

I found this old picture under a file called Random 2009. And that's exactly what it is, random. However, it is one of my favorite pictures! That's my dad on the right and Garrett in the middle on the left. ( He may kill me for this but, right now, I am laughing at his in between short and long hair, sorry hun).  That's an old roommate named Steven on the right who is now a pharmacist, and one of our best friends, Cole, on the far left. Oh the good ole college years!

Fast forward two years, a couple inches on Garrett's hair, and 550 miles to Denver, Colorado and this is what we have. Garrett grilling on a FREE grill that we found on Craigslist.
And being silly of course.

This is last summer at home in Texas. My dad on the right and my father in law on the left. We come from a family of griller's : ). Oh, if you were thinking "There's no grill in this picture", well look to the faaarr right. And, I can promise you, the burgers cooking on it are some of the best burgers I have ever had! Dad can grill a mean one.

So now you get my point. I mean who else has pictures of people grilling? Or posing by grills? We do. Because we love to grill. Ok ok I won't say it again.

Because of that thing we love to, Garrett and I came up with a recipe for sliders one night. And they are the BEST sliders we have ever had. I guess recipe isn't really the correct word, more like "idea" because there is only two changes from regular burgers, but they make ALL the difference. : )

You will need:

  • Ground Chuck, not lean ground beef or you will regret it (I'm not sure of the amount, it depends on how many you are cooking for) 
  • Sliced Cheese
  • King's Hawaiin Rolls (The secret to the deliciousness, you can get them at Walmart)
  • Any toppings/dressing you want on it

To make the patties:

Go ahead and get the amount of meat that you are going to use and pre-season it. We use only salt, pepper, and garlic but use whatever you normally make burgers with. Make these patties pretty small because they are going to fit onto rolls. However, they will shrink once you grill them so don't make them too small.

These are the size we made...or Garrett made I suppose.

This was too cute not to share.

Go ahead and get the rolls and cheese ready before you grill these because they don't take long at all. We use a half of slice of cheese per slider and tear it into fourths so it will fit. If you like it extra cheesey you can put the whole slice, I do sometimes. Sshh!

About this size..

And, using a bread knife, slice through the rolls horizontally. Like this..

One you get them all cut in half, put them in the oven with the broiler on for a minute or so. We just keep an eye on them until they get a little brown and then they are ready to come out. You can add the cheese then or you can add it to the meat on the grill which is how we roll.

My grilling machine. Plus about 3 inches of hair : )

Once these are done you are good to go. By go I mean pig out!

This makes my mouth water

Ohh the sweetness of the Hawaiin roll with the saltiness of the burger and cheese equals heaven! We hope we have inspired you to try a different kind of burger, or bun in this case, we think you will be greatly satisfied!

Happy Wednesday! Two more days until Friday!!

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  1. one of the few universal laws of cooking: you can never have too much cheese :)

  2. YUM! Tummy's rumbling now...gee thanks Whit ;). We loooove hawaiin rolls....Zach's favorite is making ham and cheese sandwiches with them. They are just so sweet and delicious! Tell Garrett I'm impressed with his grilling skills....I think we need to get Zach one so we can branch out from the sandwich world :)

  3. Michael...I totally agree. I wish I didn't, but I do! : )

  4. Haha Brit we love Hawaiin Rolls too! I bet ham and cheese sandwiches are SO good with them. We need to try that! Get Zach a grill for Christmas...after he gets you a puppy ; )

  5. I'm Keeping up with the cyperts!

    Thanks for keeping up with kristi!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  6. MMM...that makes my mouth water too!

    Thanks for stopping by and following Making Mama Happy. I'm now following you too :)


  7. Thanks for following back guys! : ) I hope you enjoy my blog, y'all's are great!

  8. Mmmmm...Looks delicious! Thanks for linking up to the Mingle With Us Blog Hop. I'm following you back now and hop you'll stop by again next week to link up. :)

    PS-I LOVE your blog header! It's fabulous!

  9. Aw thank you so much! My husband made it so I can't really take much credit for it haha. Thanks for following back!

  10. Yum! Those look delicious. Those rolls are just the best! My hubby loves to grill too...I'm totally going to get him to try these. Thanks so much for linking up to Shine On Fridays! Have a great weekend!

  11. Thank you! Aren't those rolls the best? Almost as good as a husband who loves to grill! : )

    Have a great weekend as well!

  12. Ohh my goondess. These look scrumptious!! I love a good burger.

  13. They're so little and cute! Might have to try them next party we throw!

  14. Thank you! If you try them I hope you love them as much as we do! They are pretty tasty!