Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Post About Nothing

I'm going to warn you right now...this post is like Seinfeld...about nothing.
I just want to write. I want to say hello. But, I have nothing for ya.

I can't tell you how many times I open up Blogger, go to the Post Blog tab, sit here with an empty post and then click out of it. Does anyone else do that? I just have this need inside of me to write about something, anything, but then my mind goes extra blank and I click out of it.

Not today I say! 
Today I am actually typing something in this space! Yes, it may be about nothing, but my fingers are moving and words are appearing in front of me. Success! Now if I only had some sort of topic or material...

I know! Yesterday I went to Nordstrom Rack and came home with these babies:

Nordstrom Rack has the best selection of shoes I swear. I never leave there without a pair. It's a dangerous place. They also have really cute purses. I found a Kate Spade bag and a Michael Kors one I'd love to have. The MK one was still over $600 AFTER the discount. Ridiculous.

Speaking of bags...

I want that one. 
I went a long time without looking it up to see how much it costs because I figured it was something like $1200 and there was no point in even worrying about it. However, my birthday is coming up and Garrett keeps asking what I want, so I gave in and looked up the price. I was wrong. Take a guess at how much you think this little gem costs!

And while I have you looking at it, how classy does she look? LOVE that outfit!

Last but not least in this random, about nothing post, can we please all drool over this together? That my friends is the S'mores cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Heaven on Earth.

In case anyone tried to guess how much that purse is...

Dolce & Gabbanna handbag going for a whopping... $2,295. Insert sad face here. 

But just look at it!
Ok, since we can't afford that bag, Garrett and I are off to a fancy dinner at Texas Roadhouse!
Goodnight y'all!


  1. Hahaha I love this post! Good quality randomness, the best kind. And you're right, that handbag is fabulous! I love Taylor's whole outfit. I bet Rachel Parcell has one of those bags, don't you bet?

    I need that s'mores cheesecake in my life. It looks SO GOOD!!! And I'm jelly y'all are headed to Roadhouse..that's one of my favorites. Just can't beat those rolls and cinnamon butter!

  2. oh gosh i feel like this everytime i want to write something. i even had ideas but then i forget them. so irritating but honestly its not like anyone really reads or comments on my blog so it probably doesn't matter.

  3. Posts about nothing are a ok in my book. I mean look at what a hit Seinfeld was? I have no clue how much that bag might be. I'm guessing around $100 something at least. I hope you get it! That dessert does look delicious. Love the running shoes. I'm probably due for a new pair soon...I never even thought about looking at the Rack.

  4. I really need some new athletic shoes. Nordstrom Rack, here I come!

  5. I love the shoes!! I want that cake too. Mmmm...

  6. It's your blog you post whatever you want to :)
    I like the randomness...it's real and refreshing so blog on! I love Taylor's outfit, the shoes, & now I want cheesecake!

  7. Those sneakers are so cute! Wish we had a nordstrom rack nearby.

    That purse?! I wish. I need to win the lottery ASAP.

    And that cheesecake! Get in my belly.

    I like posts about nothing :)

  8. Wanted to stop by and say hello! I started my blog again! Here is the link! http://allthethings3.blogspot.com I mentioned you and Brittany because y'all were my original inspirations! Happy Friday!