Wednesday, February 5, 2014


27 is almost 30 and I just turned 27. 
So, I am almost 30. {Insert that one emoticon face with the huge eyes of surprise here.}

My brain automatically went there when I began this post, I guess first I should say "hi!", huh? Well, once I typed that 27 in the title space up there, my thoughts quickly went to, "Buuuut, how am I almost 30?" I've never been one to really think about age, but once I hit 25 I got the worrying-about-age bug. I guess having kids is a big part of it. Wait a minute. That's a whole other blog post....for Christ's sake, I was just going to recap my damn birthday.

My 27th birthday was last week. Garrett and I both had to work but were able to spend time together that night. When I got home, Garrett had a "treasure map" waiting for me. He's big into scavenger hunts and I love it.

My first "treasure" were these journals I had been wanting. I am so excited to get started on them!

My second treasure was a new pair of Ray Bans I had been dying for! I was so excited! Along with them was this:

Even though I was at work most of the day, Garrett made my day special and I am so thankful for that and for him! He even came home early one night from work and baked my birthday cake. Now that's the kind of thing I like to come home to...a cake. Saturday we went to dinner at LoDo's to celebrate my birthday and I bought myself a new purse. Shopping and dinner was all I wanted to do. I guess that happens when you get older.

This was AMAZING. Beer cheese and soft parmesan pretzels.

I wish it was always my birthday. Getting cards in the mail from family, presents, CAKE, Facebook posts, phone calls, and a dinner out is fun!


  1. Yay, happy (belated) birthday! And you are so young!

    Garrett did so good. The 27 reasons he will never stop loving you melts my heart.

    And the food! Licking the screen.

  2. Oh Whitney you are so funny! I hope you had a fabulous Birthday! It sure sounds like you did! I am trying to keep up with this blogging thing so keep posting so I have some blogs to read!!!

  3. He is so sweet!! What a great Birthday. Those pretzels and dip look delicious. You are still young!! The world is still your oyster-don' forget it!!

  4. Awww... Sounds like you had a perfect birthday! I love how sweet Garrett is!

  5. This is ADORABLE! And I feel the same way- 27 does feel like almost 30. I can't believe I turn 28 this year!