Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Well hello, and happy Valentine's day! : )

If your Facebook/Instagram feed is anything like mine, you have probably seen 100+ pictures of flowers, chocolates, name it. Pictures of those things paired with sentences like, "My husband made me a homemade Valentine's Day dinner with an "I love you" cake and hearts and xoxoxo cupcakes! He never ceases to impress me!" have been keeping my cheeks hurting from giggling today. {I didn't make that sentence up by the way, it's straight from my Facebook.}

Don't get me wrong...Garrett and I got eachother a couple of things and said, "Happy Valentine's day!" several times, but something this year was different. I didn't feel the need to blast to the social media world every single gift I was given and go on and on about how lucky I am that he is my man and blah blah blah.

Again, don't get me wrong, I know without a doubt that I am the luckiest girl alive, but who am I trying to prove that to? Why post pictures of the gifts I was given and say how lucky in love I am? Why brag and be sure everyone knows that I wasn't left out Valentine's day? It seems unreal and cheap. Garrett knows how in love we are, so do our friends and families. That's all that matters. 

It felt weird not to share pictures of the gifts we gave eachother because I truly am excited about them and feel lucky to have a husband who wants me to have nice things. But, again, Garrett knows that. Who cares if my old roommate's sorority sister's cousin's girlfriend knows? Ok, that was extreme, but you get the point. 

I guess what I am trying to say while on my soapbox is this: I think that if you love someone and they love you and you have this great relationship, everyone who is important already knows about it. It seems to me that the one's who consistently talk about how in love they are on Facebook are the one's out to prove how great their relationship is when it actually isn't. They want people to think, "Well he bought her flowers, chocolate, AND a stuffed bunny rabbit? He must really love her!" Love should be celebrated year round, not just on the one day out of the year when you are told by corporate America that you should go out and buy your honey something. It's not as special that way. If you are lucky enough to have someone by your side in your life, then show them everyday that you love them and that they are special. Prove to them you love them, not everyone else.

I swear I am not anti-Valentine's Day at all. Even though this post makes me seem like a liar. I just couldn't believe how full my Facebook feed was today of "look at me! He got me this!" posts. I get that not everyone share's pictures of their gifts in order to get attention, but it just seemed that way. It was comical but also a little sad. It made me not want to post a single picture of anything Valentine's related....and we both know that's not me! : ) It felt like all of these people were more excited about their balloons and roses than they were about the actual relationship, if there even is one.

Now that I got that out of my system, I really do hope you each had a special Valentine's day with your babe and that you remember to show them your love year round! A great relationship isn't based on giving eachother chocolates one day out of the year, it's about being there for eachother every single day with little surprises thrown in along the way! 

Alright. Done. Now for the important stuff: Don't forget...Valentine's Day candy will be on sale tomorrow!! : )


  1. I totally know what you are getting at! I love my husband sooooooo much but I'm not always on FB telling everyone how much I love my husband. I tell him instead! Glad you got some sweet gifts from Garrett. Of course he never disappoints. : )

  2. You have a wonderful guy who loves you so I say shout it to the rooftops and show off your gift if you want to :) I agree about feeling disappointed and almost embarrassed at some of the facebook posts, but the people who care about you and know you have a great relationship enjoy seeing your love celebrated. Basically, I enjoyed seeing the flowers and mushy stuff posted by the people I know are genuinely happy and just proud of their love.

  3. Haha, I was sick in bed that day and had no choice but to check my phone every now and then ... and it was just like you're saying, LOL!

  4. I am not saying I have not been that girl posting the flowers and the shoes that my husband bought me for V-Day but I rarely post about about wonderful things are. I agree with you that it seems to sound like those people are trying to prove something! =/ You are brave to post about it because I wouldn't! Happy V-Day!!!

  5. If anyone was in doubt as to why I love this woman, just read this post. Bravo!

  6. Can I just say that one of the reasons I don't celebrate V-day anymore is because of how social media has seemed to turn into a competition? It bothers me. It really, really does. So I hear you!