Monday, July 28, 2014

Mom & Dad Do Denver 2014

Hey there! 
Just doing a little family visit to Denver recap. However, first things first, this sweet little kitty turns 8 today! Happy birthday Harley cat! ; )


Two Sunday's ago my parents flew into Denver for a visit. Mom had a District Attorney's conference right in the heart of downtown, so it was a perfect excuse for them to come hang out with us! It was a short, but eventful, several days. Garrett and I both had to work during the week, but we squeezed in as much family time as possible. 

While they were here we went to Jazz in the Park, the Denver Aquarium, a Rockies baseball game, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. We also ate at several delicious restaurants and mom and I went to the outlets to do a little Paris shopping.

Jazz in the Park at City Park is something Garrett and I have talked about doing since we moved here but just haven't. It was nice to finally go and to share that little piece of Denver with my family. I couldn't believe how many people were there! 

This is a high school that we passed on our way to City Park. It looks like it belongs in a movie.

Monday, G headed to work and we went to the aquarium. 

My faaaavorite! Why can't I pet him?

Rockies game. Way too hot.

Tuesday morning mom and I headed to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Botanic Gardens. Dad said he "wasn't paying money to see flowers" so he did his own thing. Men.

Dale Chihuly is a glass artist and the Denver Botanic Gardens are hosting several of his pieces. All of these pieces, big and small, were designed by him! Amazing.

Garrett left work early, and the people at my work were nice enough to let me not go in that day, so we all were able to have lunch and head to the outlets together. Mom and I shopped for Paris (it was a must that I find comfortable shoes). I may or may not be freaking out inside a little bit about what I am going to wear while there. I am. 

It was a nice time with mom and dad, we are so thankful they were able to be here! Garrett and I will be going to Texas soon and will get in so much family time, we can't wait! 


  1. Awesome pictures, Miss you guys tons!

  2. Your hair looks so, so good! Love it! I actually gasped when I saw the picture, lol.

    Looks like such a great time ... glad you were able to spend time with your family!

    And Paris?! Can I be incredibly jealous?! Because I am!

  3. That is some fancy looking high school. I could totally see it in a spooky movie. Refusing to pay to see flowers-sounds exactly like something my dad would do!! Glad you got to fit in some good family time. That worked out so perfectly.

  4. Your hair! I LOVE it!! I also love all of these pictures; those glass sculptures are incredible. Text me about comfy shoes. I just went to Disney World for a week and spent a lot of time making sure my horrible feet could withstand that trip!

  5. Oh how FUN!! It looks like y'all fit so much stuff in and had a really good time. I'm with Kiley...your hair is amazing! #pantenemodel. I love that picture of you and's one of my favorites of y'all. And you're gonna look adorable in Paris, duh, because you always do. Don't stress! Love you!!!