Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zac Brown Band Concert!

So, we finally attended our first concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater! Let me tell ya, that venue is absolutely awesome! Outdoors, in the mountains, nice cool perfect! Except that it rained on us the whole time and we, like idiots, didn't bring jackets or an umbrella. But other than that, perfect!

The concert was great. Those guys are awesome musicians! I guess the people who handle the Grammy and ACM nominations know what they are talking about! I mean, they nominated/awarded these guys AND Taylor Swift? Smart fellers! : )

Here are a couple pictures from our night:

Our little "taste" of Texas for the night. My sweet dad paid for our dinner from home. Thanks dad!

It doesn't say so on the front of the menu, but did you know they have fried pickles there!? Not as good as Skeet's but still pretty good!

My handsome hubs at dinner! : )

Finally made it halfway up the ramp at Red Rocks! I made him stop and take a picture so I could take a breather!

See the parking lot past that building? Our car is in there somewhere. It may not look like a rough walk but it is a workout to get into the amphitheater! A long, uphill, workout! It was worth it though!

 We made it up the ramp and up the stairs to our seats!

Notice the people on the left putting their rain jackets on. Smart people. I wish we had those.

Cold, a little wet, and excited about Zac Brown!

They light up the rocks in different colors throughout the concerts. This was my favorite color!

Zac Brown Band! 

We sat kind of far away. And my nice camera wasn't allowed into the concert. Talk about making me mad! I guess I should've already known. But I didn't.

And since we sat too far for my little camera to zoom effectively, I stole some pictures from 98.5 KYGO's website. So what.

Atleast someone was allowed in with a nice camera!

We are towards the middle left. If you squint REALLY hard you may be able to pick us out of the crowd. If you can, that means you have super powers. Pat yourself on the back.

Getting after it!

Not only did I steal those pictures from a radio station, I also recorded a video while at the concert even though I wasn't supposed to. Please don't be disappointed mom! I did it so that you and dad and a couple of other people could feel like you were there with us! : )

Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band @ Red Rocks Amphitheater!

Now, don't you feel like you were there?

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  1. Looks amazing! Red Rocks is totally on my bucket list!