Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Cypert Thanksgiving in Denver

Today, one week after Thanksgiving, our apartment seems pretty empty. Last week Garrett's mom, dad, and little brother visited for Thanksgiving and we had so much fun! Our second bedroom and couch were occupied, the kitties had someone else to play with, and I had someone to shop with on Black Friday! Thanks Julie! : )

Basically we talked and laughed alot, watched a full days worth of football, ate enough food to feed a small army, and played lots of rounds of Black Jack. It was a fun and much needed mini vacation.

Julie made her delicious Lemon Meringue Pie the day they got here as well as went grocery shopping for us while me and the boys went and toured Garrett's school campus. Thanks for being so helpful Julie!!


They just haaaad to stop and get cigars : )

Finally, someone who will listen to and enjoy my Grease vinyl besides me!

This is the Lemon Meringue pie I was talking about earlier! Looks great doesn't it? I have dedicated this month to Pie Month and this pie will definitely be one of the recipes I make and post about. It is so good!

Junior found a comfortable bed in Julie and Brett's suitcase. Oops!
Isn't he adorable?

This was on Thanksgiving day. Me with my macaroni and cheese (recipe here) and Julie with her delicious cheesey bacon potatoes. I should probably share the recipe for them, they are SO easy. You make them in the microwave!

This is where we ate. So we could all watch football. We all play fantasy football and that week I played Brett. And kicked his butt! : )

Yates enjoying his food


Brotherly love

I made him take a picture with his piece of buttermilk pie. It's his favorite and he looked cute, what can I say?

Cutting into her pie!

I had a piece of all three.
Pie is my weakness.

Then I went to the gym. Haha but really I went and took a nap with Harley.

We played Black Jack every night I think. It was fun!

Thanksgiving was fun and we can't wait for Christmas!

Thanks to Julie for grocery shopping, washing dishes, cooking, making us laugh, Black Friday shopping and buying us Starbucks!

Thanks to Brett for cooking the steaks, being a good loser in our fantasy football game, kissing the top of Harley's head (yes you did, don't argue with me!), making us laugh and getting onto Yates about his annoying text ringer! : )

Thanks to Yates for gassing up our apartment, trying to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with us when that guy died from eating too many Blazin wings, and for having an annoying text ringer.

We hope you all had a wonderful turkey day too!


  1. Love this post Whit! And love that you ate three pieces of pie that day. Don't feel bad, I ate six. SIX. I blame it on Meemaw for baking so many different yummy kinds. I want Julie's cheesy bacon potatos recipe!! Post that please! Love you...glad y'all had such a fun Thanksgiving :)

  2. Oh and love that they had a cigar session...but where was yours? I know you have a stash of wine black 'n milds ;)

  3. Love the blog! Especially about yates being gassy. Lol we had a wonderful time. You have a warm loving home. Can't wait until Christmas. I miss u and garrett and Harley and bees wax. Give everyone kisses. Be safe. Julie

  4. Thanks Brit!! Oh my goodness, I have had SO many pieces of pie even since then, I made it is Pie Month! : ) Love you!!