Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Isn't Christmas time the best season of all? The Pumpkin Spice latte's from Starbucks, hot chocolate, Christmas music, lights, roasted almonds, Christmas trees, presents...I could go on forever. I think the reason Christmas time is my absolute favorite is because it engages all of your senses. From smelling cinnamon pine cones to seeing the snow fall out of the window and feeling a warm fireplace on the back of your legs. It is just truly wonderful! Oh, and you can't forget about making snow ice cream!

Garrett and I put up our Christmas tree the day after his family left to go home from our Thanksgiving visit. We had Christmas music playing on the record player, glasses of wine and, for the size of our apartment, tons of boxes of stuff to go through and things to put up. The cats helped by getting into every single box that they could fit into and by chewing on the bottom limbs of the tree when they didn't think we were looking. I think they were just trying to help us "fluff" the tree.

My sweet hubby brought in all of the boxes for us. I feel like this picture doesn't do much justice to how many Christmas things we have. Maybe I just feel like we have so much because we don't have enough space to put it all. Ohhh to have a big house...

A couple of our Christmas records. We got these from thrifts stores for $1.99 each! Worth it!

Putting up the tree!

A "Christmas vase" filled with thrift store finds! : )

Junior had fun playing in the tissue paper. No, he's not drunk. He can't keep his eyes open when there is even a hint of a camera flash.

These are handmade ornaments by my husband himself when he was little! It's ok, you can laugh. They are pretty funny but SO cute and I am so glad that we have these!

And these Disney ornaments were mine from when I was little and had my first tiny Christmas tree in my room! I love these and hope to give them to my kids for their first tree someday.

All done!

Good 'ole self timer! Take 1, 2, and 3! Look at the cats in the second picture. Silly gatos!

We hope that you have had fun putting up your tree's and Christmas decorations, it is such a great time of year and you have to enjoy it to it's fullest!

Not much longer until we are home with our families!!

I wanna know, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?


  1. WHIT! Totally had those same Disney ornaments. Love them! Pretty sure they are still at my parent's house in a box somewhere. Need to find those. The Santa hat on the tree is a cute idea...may steal it! We have a glittery "F" that Zach fastened to the top of ours but it doesn't show up very well...think we need something bigger. And my favorite thing about Christmas, to answer your question, would be the music. It just makes my heart so happy (and my husband so annoyed).

  2. Wanna know somethin' funny? I totally had a post titled 'oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree' about our tree, waiting to be posted. haha! Looks like great minds think alike :)

    PS - I love that last pic with your pretty kitties AND that you used a Santa hat as a tree topper :)

  3. Damn I miss you guys! I like the Christmas tree, and I was laughing at Sticks handmade ornaments! *Really gay voice, mmmmm that's just sooooo cute! Miss you and love you guys! Great stuff =)

  4. Brit that is crazy that you have the same ornaments! I LOVE mine, I'll probably be putting them on our tree until they fall apart.(I have already had to hot glue several of them!) Zach doesn't like Christmas music!? That is almost as crazy as Garrett not liking peanut butter and chocolate! Almost.

    Katie this is funny! Great minds definitely think alike. : ) Thanks about the tree topper, my mom did that awhile back and I stole it. It is just so easy to throw a hat on top, we have tried other toppers but they just don't stay up straight!

    Cody!! We miss you too! Alot. Maybe we can see y'all over Christmas! Haha aren't his little ornaments funny?

  5. Your tree looks great and love all the pics you shared. This year my favorite thing about Christmas is my son coming home from college!

  6. Looks like you and your hubs had a great time decorating the tree! That is one of my favorite times of year - we have the music playing too. :o) Also, I love wine! The tree looks amazing!

    Thanks so much for following me - I'm returning the love!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  7. Love your tree!! and the cats crack me up :)

  8. We haven't tried our family (us, the dog and the cat) picture yet in front of our tree. I love that you have your hubby's childhood ornaments!

  9. Thanks y'all! We had alot of fun putting up our silly tree and trying to get the cats to look at the camera!

  10. Love your pictures! And I really like the Santa hat on the top of the tree:)