Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Snowy Super Bowl Sunday Weekend

Goodness gracious it snowed alot here this past weekend! I think overall we got about 16 inches. I don't know about you, but for us that is alot of snow. I guess since we come from Texas anything over a couple of inches is crazy.

Friday me and my unlucky self had to venture out at 5:15am to head to work. That was a royal pain in the ass. My hands were sore when I got there from gripping my steering wheel so tight. Tahoe's aren't the best for driving on icy roads. Add a girl behind the wheel who isn't used to icy roads and it's even worse. I was flying to work at the good 'ol speed of 20mph. 

My lucky husband got to take the day off and do his schoolwork from home so when I got home from work he was there.  That was SO nice! 

Saturday he talked me into going outside and making a snowman.

Proud of his hard work.

He pretty much made the snowman while I took pictures. Good work hun!

This is what I was doing while he was busy lifting heavy balls of snow.

* Thank you Dad for the hat!* 

This snow was deep! I am 5'10 and it went over my knees!

Saturday night we made another "treasure" from our chocolate cookbook. Recipe coming soon!

Sunday was Super Bowl day. We did the American thing and made fried pickles (recipe also coming soon), and wings and laid in front of the TV for most of the day.

If you have never had fried pickles you must try them!

My husband the Chef. He made delicious wings!

We hope you all had a great Super Bowl Sunday weekend!!

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  1. i cannot believe how much snow you guys got! wow! your pictures are kinda making me miss snow.

    and fried pickles ... i've never had it before but i have this thing for pickles so i have a feeling i would be a fan. i'll have to try it soon :)

    1. If you love pickles you have to try fried pickles! So deliciously salty and pickle-y!

  2. OMG! I love your snowman and I LOVE his hat!! You and your hubby are so cute!! Looks like you guys made the best of snow! :-) And fried pickles, OMG! Must. Make.

  3. You act like you didn't help make Longinus at all! (Yes...that's his name. Deal with it. haha!!) I had such a great time with you this weekend, love. I can't wait to do it again someday.

  4. Looks like a fun day! I have always wanted to try fried pickles!

  5. I looove fried pickles, and the picture of those wings just made me so hungry!

  6. Now I want fried pickles!! Love all the pics!

  7. Looks like such fun! I love your snowman's hat! And I keep seeing fried pickles around Pinterest but haven't tried them. They look yummy!

  8. fried pickles.....mmmmmmmm! love the snowman and your cute boots!

  9. awe. great photos! I can't believe you have that much snow by you. Living in WI and it's about 40 degrees. i aint complaining one bit though. :)

  10. Oh my crazy!!! You guys are so stinkin cute. Love your blog. Newest reader! :)

  11. OH my good gravy that's a lot of snow. I HATE driving in it too. Knock on wood, we haven't gotten like any this year. What a nice little weekend you cats had! Lovin' the coon skin hat on the snowman, haha. And those pickles... deep fried.. what?! Interesting.... can't wait for the recipe!

  12. Sooo lovely snowman with such pretty "dress up". I veiwed from TV the heavy snow in your country. Sounds you all enjoyed.

  13. A couple years ago we got about 4 inches of snow and school was cancelled for a week! I can't imagine what would happen if THAT much snow fell in these parts. Love your snowman!

  14. 1. The chicken looks delicious
    2. That's the best snowman ever
    3. I just gave you the versatile blogger award check out my latest post for more info