Saturday, June 16, 2012

Michael's Visit

Our college friend Michael came to visit us again a couple of weeks ago. 

Fun fact: 
He has been to see us more than anyone else since we have lived in Denver. That means he loves us! : )

We had tons of fun doing seemingly nothing. We watched the complete first season of Dexter, played an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia board game, spent some time at the pool, cooked out, and went to the aquarium. It was a lazy good time. 

Denver Aquarium

We went to Freshcraft, a place with rare beer on tap. The boys had beer and I had this:

We spent some time at the pool.

Due to the board game, Garrett had to wear his boxers outside of his shorts and Michael had to hold a sock in between his teeth. 

Michael, I swear, next time you come we will atleast go on a hike or something! Well, depending on the heat, you know how I hate the heat! 
We had fun and can't wait until you visit again!

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  1. I would probably choose that cookie over beer too :-) looks like a fun weekend!