Saturday, July 20, 2013

Say What You Need To Say

First of all, thank you guys so much for the sweet comments, Tweets, and emails about my last post! I can't believe how many sincere, caring, and helpful true friends that I have made from just writing a couple of blog posts here and there. When starting this blog I never thought it would be possible to "meet" so many new friends, my goal was to simply keep Garrett's and my families updated on our life. You guys were a fun surprise and are such a blessing, so again, thank you!

Since beginning this blog, I have found myself wanting to do more with it than recap our vacations, or post recipes of our favorite desserts. I struggled, and still do, with what I want to write about and how much I should share, what my "voice" would/should be.

 Ideally, I would like this blog to be my online diary. An open account of everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Writing is an outlet for me. It helps me to communicate things that I may otherwise be unable to. However, it is not simply writing that is in some way therapeutic for me, but it is the conversations/relationships I develop through writing, the hopefulness of finding someone else that feels the way I do.

 So why is it so hard to share some things on here? Because I am afraid of being judged. Being thought of as "weird" for even wanting to share my life/thoughts/feelings to a group of strangers.

The weird thing is that it's not the "strangers" that shy me away from sharing. It's the people I know. What will my husband think? What will my mom and dad think? What will Garrett's mom think? I can hear my dad right now, " You need to watch what you put on there." 

The thing is, I don't want to watch what I put on here. I want to talk about feeling depressed, or feeling angry at someone, or being excited for future possibilities, or any feeling in between. Why? Because I know that someone else has felt the same thing and that there are such supportive people out there. Not only that, but if I could possibly help someone out or relate to someone else feeling the same way, why not?

Mainly, I want to be honest and open. I want to write without thought of who's reading and what they will think. It will be difficult, because when you are honest some things aren't always pretty. People may not like what I write about, it may be boring, repetitive, or too "deep". I want to get past that and just write, say what I want to say.

So, from now on that's what I am going to try and do.


  1. Looking forward to reading more from you as you find your voice! As always, I will be a faithful follower :)

  2. I always worry about what people will think if I post really vulnerable or deep feelings. But for me, I find it therapeutic as well. So I say, go for it! Those who love you the most will love you even more for it, and sometimes the words you have to say are exactly what a "stranger" may be needing to hear at that time! We are all human, so it's nice to be reminded of just that at times! So so glad you're back missy!

  3. I know how you feel! I'm only partially out of the blogging closet so while my husband and two sisters have this link no one else does and I like it that way. Obviously, there are some things that may be off limits but I find that people in the blog world really identify with those who are willing to go there and be honest and real with their thoughts and feelings. Finding your voice is a process. Just keep on blogging and you will get there.

  4. it is so true ... it is hard leaving it all out in the open. fearing what others may think. but i think it comes to a point where you realize that if someone has an issue with what you have to say it really doesn't change how you feel. sometimes venting away on a blog is therapeutic. why miss out on free therapy when you can make a blog post and have others relate to you? i agree, that it is easier to blog to strangers than to those we know in real life ... but i think it gets easier. now when my friends talk about my blog i don't feel so strange .. you'll get there. just continue to be true to yourself ... and your voice will find its way.

  5. whitney, i loved this. and i love that you want to put it all out there. i love realness and honesty and you've always been that way. one of my very first super open and vulnerable posts was titled "say what you need to say" and after i wrote it, i felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders. writing is such therapy. i love all your posts...and all the fun you share with us. i wish you all the best and i look forward to continuing to follow all of your adventures.
    i hope you have a wonderful day! xoxox