Sunday, September 8, 2013


Really this "lately" is referring to last weekend, but since this weekend is almost over,  I couldn't bring myself to do a last weekend recap.
Behind as usual.

Last weekend we went bowling with a couple of friends. This place had $1 glasses of beer, $1 hotdogs, and $1 bowling games! Um, yes please! I'm hoping we go again soon!

His & hers bowling feet.

I'm pretty sure I bowled my best game, I broke 100! And...I guess I'll point out Garrett bowled a 140 and it wasn't even his best game. Figures.

On our way home from bowling, Garrett and I stopped at a Mexican food place called Tacos Junior. And by Mexican I mean not a single customer spoke English except Garrett and I, that's when we knew it would be good!

Asada with goat cheese on a fried tortilla.

 Rice, asada, and cilantro.

 Sunday we took it easy. We went on a walk and enjoyed the gorgeous flowers still in bloom around us.

So, as you can see, not much is new. We have just been enjoying good food, fun weekends, and Denver's beautifulness. 


  1. Sounds pretty perfect to me!! That Mexican food looks gooooooood. Is goat cheese yummy? It looks really good but I've never tried it...haven't met a cheese I didn't like though. Is it funny that I know whose food is whose without you stating it? Ha! You're picky like Zach and me :). Those flowers are gorgeous!! I'm really missing Denver right now...this was right around the time I visited. Can you believe it's been a year? That's insane to me! Miss you so much!!

  2. That bowling alley sounds like my kind of place. Cheap eats, drinks and bowling is great. And I love some good mexican food! Yum.

  3. I would bowl all the time with those prices even though I suck at it. Yeah Sean is so good at bowling too, annoying.

    You are so right! Mexican food taste the best in little dive restaurants or at restaurants where those who work there speak limited English.

    Those flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful pictures of them!

  4. Sounds like quite an amazing weekend! I love Mexican food joints where no one speaks English. That's how you know it'll be good! :-)