Monday, October 21, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

As many of you already know, I am a sucker for anything holiday related. Since this weekend was full of holiday related goodness, it went down as a good weekend in my book. And, as the title implies, it was a weekend full of firsts for me and Garrett.

Saturday evening we went to Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens. This was my first time to experience a theme park while it was Halloween themed. I loved it! There were decorations, performances, people in costume chasing people around the park, a seance, and two haunted houses. 

Garrett and I have been together for 8 years and this weekend was our first time to ride a roller coaster together. He's a roller coaster junkie, whereas I'll ride them if someone wants me to, but I don't get too excited about them. This one was fun though, twists and turns and upside down. Oh, and it was the kind where your feet dangle, I love those!

We also went to a seance performance and two haunted houses. This was my first time to go to a real haunted house. I LOVED it. I'm definitely addicted. I'm already ready to go to another, more intense, one. I thought I would be clingy and make Garrett go first but it was the opposite, I wanted to lead the way and not miss out on any scares. 

Sunday we carved our first pumpkin. I was better at it than I thought I would be! I don't think I could ever do anything fancy, but it atleast resembled a face when we were done! Just having it lit up in our apartment feels so festive and makes me happy.

This coming weekend I am going to Austin for my sister's gender reveal party. I am SO excited to find out if that sweet baby is a boy or a girl. I'm also just excited to see my family, I can't wait. 

Now if this week will just hurry up!


  1. You actually make me want to go on a roller coaster which I hate, lol!

    I have to do some research and find some haunted houses since Sean would love to go to one.

    Your pumpkin is so cute! I'm excited to carve mine. Hopefully this year :)

    Love this post. Made me smile the whole time! It is so exciting to find out what your sibling is having! Can't wait to hear!

  2. I would so, so LOVE that place. Looks awesome! I love being scared. I want to go first to get the scare but then I grab onto Mj 'cause I'm a chicken. So glad your pumpkin carving turned out well.

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend!!! I really want to go to an amusement park now! :-)

  4. I cannot do haunted houses...they really scare me! I hate when things jump out and scare me. That may be one of my biggest fears! Love your pumpkin!!