Monday, October 7, 2013

The Post Readers Hate the Most

I was, and still am, hesitant to write about this past weekend. 
Well, now I made it sound like something awful happened. It didn't. It was just boring, that's all. But, I feel like I have alot to say, and I feel like blogging, so here I am.

I've read several times that other bloggers hate to read weekend recaps and vacation recaps are probably really hating my blog lately, if you are even reading it. If you are, thank you for that! I guess I am weird because I love reading weekend recaps as well as vacation one's. 

Our weekend was lazy, and seemed really short. If we don't plan something for the weekend ahead of time, they usually end up that way. Which is ok sometimes. 

Friday night we ate at Chili's once we both got off of work. Once 10PM on Friday night rolls around, we usually are ready to celebrate the weekend and go to dinner. Chili's is our go to place.



Saturday we spent the day sleeping. I know, we are so exciting! We also spent part of the day apartment hunting. We just found out that our rent is going to go up to $1026 per month for a tiny one bed/one bath. That's just silly. Currently we pay $951 per month, so its only going up in price by $75 which doesn't seem too bad. However, when there are 2 bed/2bath apartments for less than that it begins to feel like you are getting jipped.

We aren't sure if we will be moving or not, and we have to let our current place know by October 18th so we have some decisions to make. We have talked about selling a bunch of the stuff we own and moving into a studio/tiny one bedroom apartment for around $600 per month just to save all of that extra money monthly. It seems so wasteful to be throwing away thousands of dollars on an apartment.

We are also hesitant to sign a long term lease at all because we aren't sure where we may be in the near future, which has been the case for the past year. Talk about stressful. Since graduating with his MBA, Garrett has applied to so many jobs, all the way from Texas to Arkansas, and it never fails that when something may become a possibility it is horrible timing and makes us unsure of our next steps. Oh, how we are ready to have our futures secured!

Annnnnnyways, after looking at several apartments, we tried a place called Chester's. They have delicious Philly Cheesesteaks! Oh man, what I would do for one of these right now...

Saturday night we went to see Prisoners. We both liked it. It's suspenseful and has Jake Gyllenhaal. What's not to like? 

We bought a small bag of popcorn for about 6 bucks for the movie. After the movie, they gave us this for free. Figures.

I'm not even a popcorn person. 
We thought long and hard about what to do with this much popcorn and finally decided to make popcorn balls.

We made 5 different kinds:
Vanilla and Nutmeg
Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Cookie Butter
Cinnamon Sugar

That didn't even put a dent in that huge bag!

Sunday...well you

Oh! And, something I am really excited about...I booked my flights for Austin to go to my sister's gender reveal party at the end of this month for the little one she is expecting in February!! Don't feel bad, you didn't forget, I just haven't told the blog world that I am going to be an Aunt yet! This will be a much needed trip and I am so excited to hopefully find out if Mini will be a boy or a girl! 
Can. Not. Wait.


  1. I love weekend and vacation posts! Lol.

    Completely wanting Chilis now, yum!

    I hear you about expensive apartments. I also feel like it's a waste of money. We're spending a little less on apartments and that extra will go towards a house fund.

    I want to see that movie badly. Glad you have it a good review!

    I'm not a fan of popcorn either except for Smartfood. For some reason the Smartfood's white cheddar popcorn is the only popcorn I like. Wait, sometimes I like caramel popcorn.

  2. Moving is such a pain in the butt that I might be inclined to just stay put but on the other hand you are totally getting gypped if there are bigger places for less. I will say; living in a studio with 2 people is rough! Mj and I did and it was no fun at all but we got through it because it was temporary. I try not to worry about posts people hate to read. Oh well right? If you write it at least you know I'm probably gonna read it. : ) I think it's awesome you did something with the popcorn! If that thing were in my house...oh no. Because I am a popcorn person.

  3. Ugh, the thing about your apartment is so annoying! We are in the same boat as you guys though. We don't really know where we are headed when our lease is up. I hate that feeling of uncertainty! Good luck with everything, though! Also, that cheesesteak had my mouth watering!

  4. Those popcorn balls look yummy! What recipe did you use for them? Congrats on becoming an Auntie!

  5. i don't hate weekend recaps...i think they're fun! i love all the sweet things you and garrett do together! that's too funny that they decided to give you that monster bag of popcorn AFTER the movie. the popballs look great! :)
    wishing you lots of luck on the apartment hunting! and wishing you another wonderful weekend. <3<3