Thursday, October 17, 2013


If you clicked on this post because you knew what PLL stood for, you are officially cool in my book. But, I bet for the most part, most of you didn't know what PLL stood for and that's ok too.

PLL= Pretty Little Liars

Yep. I'm blogging about Pretty Little Liars.
I love that show. 
 Yes its cheesy, and yes it's kind of silly, but it's good. It's suspenseful and just an all around "girl" show. What's not to love?

While being slightly obsessed with the show (I have been known to watch 4 episodes in one sitting) I have noticed several things...

1. The 4 main girls, Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily, ALWAYS look absolutely perfect. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed. Their hair is perfect and their makeup is perfect. What high school girl knows how to do her hair/makeup like that? I sure didn't.

 2. Not only are their hair and makeup flawless, but they are always dressed to kill. At Rosewood High, nothing is off limits. They can wear strapless dresses, short skirts, spaghetti strap tanks. Anything goes. Not at good 'ol Sweetwater High. I wore a Cheers shirt once and got into trouble and had to change.

3. Do these look like high school aged girls to you? Me neither. So I did some research. 
Turns out none of them are even under 20.

Aria= 24
Spencer= 27
Emily= 26
Hannah= 23

One of them is older than me, playing a high school student. That's nuts. And, another girl on the show is 30 trying to pass as a highschooler! Weird.

 During my late night PLL marathons, those are things that stuck in my head. 
That and who the hell is A??


  1. I love PLL!!! I cant wait for the season to start back up. I wish they would start answering some of our questions!

  2. I haven't seen this show but I hear that it's great. I remember when Lucy Hale was about 10 years old or something and she was on this singing show called American Juniors. She was really good! The moment I saw her on PLL I recognized her from somewhere but it took me a minute to remember; and I was like, well-I guess she made it! Actors are always playing way younger. It's hilarious!!

  3. i love this show ... totally knew what PLL meant so friends forever, lol ;)

    haha, i think all those things every time i watch. actors/actresses always play younger roles ... something about being versatile. also can you imagine having true high school aged kids playing these grown up roles. i'll feel a little dirty watching, haha.

  4. YESSSS I'm officially cool in your book!!!! Hahaha! I saw this post and was like "Does Whit know who A is?!"...because I'm waiting on somebody, anybody, to reassure me that it's not Ezra. Pretty sure my heart died a little that night I watched the finale. I mean, really?! Just.not.possible. Are you caught up yet? Two years ago, when Z and I were in the apartment, I'd have PLL marathon days. Those were the best days ever. You're right, the girls are completely flawless. Not fair! I can't wait until y'all come visit next month (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we can torture G and Z with PLL talk :). Muahahaha.

    p.s. I keep reading all your posts at night on my ipad and I HATE commenting on there. So just know that I've been keeping up with your blog, just been a bad commenter. I loved the last post especially....fall in Denver looks like a fairytale!!

  5. And really? A cheers shirt? I laughed so hard at that. If I had a dollar for all the times Mr. Alvarado (RIP) sent me to the office for my skirts being too short....I'd be a gazillionaire.

  6. I am obsessed! A few weeks ago I was going through withdraws, so I started re-watching every episode on Netflix. I'd watch 20 episodes in a row if I could!

  7. I love this show and now you are officially awesome!!

  8. I have never watched this show. I don't know why, I know for sure I would like it. I am going to start the books soon!

  9. I love this post so much. First, because PLL is the best ever. Also because I honestly didn't know people didn't know almost all high school roles are played younger! Not at all making fun, I just had no idea! I'm an actress who gets to play younger, and it's really like having the golden ticket in show business. They do it bc then there's no parent and tutor needed, plus you can work adult hours (16-18ish) vs child hours. Also, just to add another random fact that surprised me: Lucy's real name is Karen. Karen! I can't wait for it to come back!

  10. oh gosh i've been dying to get into this show. i have a lot of friends that love it. i think i need to hop on netflicks and check out the first seasons!! xox

  11. I just love Pretty Little Liars! I am addicted but I didn't know these girls are actually so much older than me!