Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taylor Swift VIP Experience: Denver

Hey y'all!

If you have been hanging around here the last couple of posts, then you already know that I have had some amazing Taylor Swift experiences lately. I even got to meet her! You might also remember me telling you that my husband surprised me with VIP tickets to Taylor's Denver show! Well, that's what this post is going to be about, and then after this post I promise there won't be any mention of Taylor Swift for a little while. 

So, Sunday night, Garrett and I got ready and headed to the Pepsi Center to watch Taylor. I was beyond excited. Since we were VIP, we got to enter the venue early, buy merchandise before anyone else, and go to the Red Ultimate Experience VIP room. They had dinner, drinks, and a candy bar along with a photobooth. Oh! And we got two boxes full of Taylor Swift things: lanyards, glowsticks, bracelets, blankets, tour books. You know, cool stuff. We also met some really nice people and had fun visiting before the concert. 

I promise I did not make Garrett do this! The night before the concert, we were at Walmart and he found this cape and decided he was going to paint his face and wear this. He's such a trooper!

I was so excited that I got the chance to see Taylor's mom Andrea again. I had written her a thank you card for choosing us to meet Taylor in Austin, as well as printed off two pictures for her. She is so sweet and genuine.

Taylor's "Mean" dress from her Speak Now tour.

Photobooth fun!

Hahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahahahaha

After dinner we headed to our seats which were amazing! I have never been up front for a concert of someone I loved, it was the best experience! Our tickets said we were in the 4th row but when we got down there we were actually in the 3rd row. Being able to see everything from there was crazy. Plus, Taylor looked at me once : ).

Get ready for picture overload...

Here's a video that Garrett took of I Knew You Were Trouble! I still can't believe we were so close.

 And there ya have it, I am finally done with all things Taylor Swift related. For now atleast. She was amazing and I am so glad I got to have this whole experience. Thank you to my perfect husband for getting the tickets, dressing up and going with me, and singing along, and yelling. 
I had the time of my life with you.


  1. I loved all 3 posts! Both concerts looked like THE BEST time EVER! Even more awesome that you got to meet her. I would love to see her in concert but sadly, Idaho is not a place that many famous people travel to. ;) haha

  2. AAAhhh!!! I'm just about dying over here! You got to meet her AND you got to have amazing seats! So awesome! How fun to get to see her twice. :-)

  3. Such an awesome, awesome husband! He looks hot with the red paint, hehe.

    Looks like the best experience! So glad you were able to do this. I lived vicariously through you with all your Instagram pictures :)

  4. You guys are the cutest couple EVER!!! Looks like the most amazing time. Let's talk this weekend...I wanna hear all about it! Love G's cape, too :)

    p.s. Looks like I broke in and raided that candy bar.....

  5. what an incredibly awesome experience, whitney!! I can just imagine all the fun you had!! SO crazy and amazing that you got to meet taylor and her mom!! and what a great hubby you have...I have loved all your Instagram look like you had an absolute blast!! I love that garrett joined in the fun and painted his face red. made me laugh and smile! and you look beautiful - love the red lipstick on you. your photos are amazing and so are all of taylor's outfits!
    so glad you had a wonderful, unforgettable time! xoxox

  6. These are great pictures. She's so cute!

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