Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Won't Believe This


I think bubble baths are overrated. 

I know, what kind of girl am I? Better yet, what kind of blogger am I? To be a good blogger and a normal girl, I should be Instagramming {is that a word?} pictures of my feet at the end of a bubble filled tub, with a candle burning in a dim room. 

You know, something like this but replace the toys with candles and dim the lights a little:


Not me.

Garrett takes more bubble baths than I do. What, was I not supposed to tell y'all that? 
Oh well.

It's not like I don't try. Two bubble baths ago I was about 8 minutes in and I reached up to turn off the faucet and I broke it. It wouldn't turn off and it was filling the tub with cold water. Fail.

Two nights ago I tried again. I threw in some Epsom Salt, bubbles, and a little fizzy thing I had from Lush. I lasted about 10 minutes and I drained the tub and turned on the shower.

My question is: 
What do y'all do in there? I get so bored just sitting there. I can't do it.
Also, I get too hot. 

Do you like bubble baths? Or are you like me and think they are overrated?


  1. I don't think they are overrated at all. I read and relax. Such a stress reliever for me. I rarely ever get to take them though because of my busy schedule.

  2. OVERRATED! I just can't do it. Especially if you haven't taken a shower first, you are basically sitting in you filth. And I get bored. I'd drop my phone in the bubbly water so that option is out.

  3. I'm not a bath person either! What's fun about sitting in your own filth? LOL I end up getting real hot and sweaty and just want to get out.

  4. I am much more likely to take a bubble bath in the winter months. But, they are not my favorite. Even if I have a good book to read, I usually get bored, hot and uncomfortable. My hubby loves taking baths much more than I do, too :)

  5. I hate bubble baths. I try, I really try to like them. They are impossible to relax in. Hot tubs... I'm not a fan of those either.

  6. I WANT to like bubble baths but I just don't have that much time to devote to bathing. Now a hot tub? I can get on board with a hot tub. Maybe when we move we can get a garden tub with jets and I can combine the two?? Oh and sweet sweet Garret and his baths. What a cutie.

  7. You're too funny!! I used to take baths every night to relax but now with our baby girl that never happens -- funny that my husband has time to take one just about every night though ;) I love a warm bath with lavendar bath salts and a good magazine! I normally hop out once it turns luke-warm!

  8. I'm not a bubble bath kind of girl either. I'd rather turn off the lights, light some candles and take a hot shower in the dark with the bathroom all steamed up.

  9. I love baths - but not bubble baths. I love to sit and read or watch a TV show while soaking. :-)

  10. ha! I love it - Dave takes FAR more baths than I do!

    But it kind of got me jealous last month after we started running more, and turns out, they're awesome. Definitely not all the time, but after a good work-out, or long day on my feet, I can happily sink in to the bubbles and just be.

    You should give them a third, fourth, and fifth chance... but not right away lol

  11. Haha I think they are completely overrated too! Haha. I think I just don't like sitting still for that long. I mean, really? What are you suppose to be doing.

    Sean had one the other day. I told him it was weird.

  12. lol!!! this made me laugh! i LOVE bubble the point where it's obnoxious. it does get really hot in there sometimes, though. i love to read magazines or go on my phone (even though i've dropped a few phones in there before).
    too funny that garrett loves them!!
    i hope you're doing well and loving your new job! xoxoxox

  13. I love me some bubble bath! I wish i had more time for them! The key is you have to get a good book or magazine. Sit it next to you with a towel and after you get in dry your hands and read your book! A little music never hurt or even a drink =)
    I need to teach you how to bubble bath and you will like it so much more!! haha

  14. I don't relax very well, so they aren't my favorite thing. I'd rather be in a hot tub with more room, some music, and a cold drink :)

  15. I love baths. I hate to admit it but I watched the Katy Perry documentary last night in the bath tub! HAHA!


  16. A hot bubble bath after the gym is heaven!! I put some spa music on, light some candles, try not to fall asleep...