Tuesday, September 23, 2014

France Day 4: Vernon

After visiting Giverny and seeing Monet's breathtaking gardens, we headed back to the ship for a crepes demonstration for lunch. A local chef from Vernon came aboard our ship and made crepes, they were so good!

Apple crisp pie for dessert!

After lunch we were given some free time to explore Vernon. I ended up exploring on my own for the majority of the time and I loved it. There's something about getting somewhat lost in a new city and exploring it on your own! Vernon was small enough that I knew I wouldn't really get lost, but big enough to explore. I was fine on my own until I came across the most awesome, huge, perfect, glorious bakery! Then it was time to go hunt down the girls and bring them to it! 

The church in Vernon.

Half-timbered houses.

There were flowers all over the place. People keep them on their window ledges and it is so gorgeous. Ahhh I love it!

I remember seeing these half-timbered houses with flowers on the ledges and feeling like I was in a movie. It really was that amazingly beautiful!

THIS bakery! Oh my goodness.
Pretty sure we all got several things from here.

Momma and the Seine.

After wandering around Vernon it was time to head back to the ship and set sail for Rouen. There was a pastry demonstration on board that mom went to while I stayed in the room and talked to Garrett. Before dinner the cruise director announced that we would be passing Chateau Gaillard, which was King Richard the Lionheart's castle, if we wanted to take pictures. Well, duh I wanted to take pictures. (On our way back to Paris we actually stop in the town where this castle is!)

One of the most fascinating things about cruising down the river Seine is that along the way you pass gorgeous homes and land! One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was just watching the things we passed.

Here's a video from the window in our bedroom. Passing Chateau Gaillard!

And here's one that's a little longer showing the unbelievable countryside! I would love to live right where that house is!

Dessert after dinner. Didn't get any pictures of the main course, but you best believe I did of the dessert. : ) It's a crepe with orange sauce on it. To be truthful, it looks better than it tasted.

Tomorrow is day 5 in Rouen with the coolest light show I have ever seen! : )


  1. That place is just gorgeous!!! I love the churches in Europe. They are so breathtakingly beautiful. Oooooh the food!! One of the best parts about vacation.

  2. Cruising down the river had to be the most amazing thing ever. It's gorgeous just from the pictures! Every picture looks like a postcard...it's hard to believe such beautiful places exist in real life. And you got to see it all for real!