Wednesday, September 24, 2014

France Day 5: Rouen

Thursday, August 21st

This morning we ventured out into Rouen, France with our tour guide. We did a walking tour and then had some free time to explore on our own. Rouen is a bigger city than Vernon with more hustle and bustle. The town is full of those half-timbered houses I love, had a cute market place, as well as great shopping! Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here as well.

We walked around the side of the big church in the above pictures and went inside. It was gorgeous! I had had enough of listening to our tour guide (I'm very impatient with that) and decided to wander off and take pictures.

These statues had been outside on the facade of the basilica, but were brought inside, hence the weathering. How creepy does the one on the far right look? 

This clock was first built in 1389!

Joan of arc was imprisoned in Rouen for heresy as well as burned at the stake in 1431. This is a monument marking the spot that she was tied to a pillar and burned. 

There were several little stands with sandwiches and pastries throughout the town.

After we finished our tour of Rouen, we were free to walk around and explore on our own. We had passed a market that mom and I wanted to check out, and then we had a little time to do some shopping!


We didn't have much time to shop because we had to be back to the ship by a certain time in order to go on our excursion to the town of Honfleur, which will be on the next post. : )


  1. That is THE cutest little town ever. So quaint. It kind of looks dutch or swiss alps like. I would love to wander around a place like that. I haven't heard of the last two towns you went to and that is kind of cool. Less touristy and a true representation of a town in that country.

  2. Oh my gosh, all of the window boxes (heart eyes forever)!!!!! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I'm with Cece, it does almost look Dutch. So pretty! All the statues are really cool too. And those desserts. You just keep torturing me with the desserts.