Monday, September 29, 2014

France Day 5: Honfleur, Dinner, & a Light Show!

Thursday, August 21st

After exploring Rouen, we elected to head to the port town of Honfleur. It was a somewhat short excursion, but the place was beautiful!

Mom and I thought this blue door was so pretty!

One of the only bakeries I came across that I didn't stop and get something from. I'm telling ya, I hit the bakeries hard
This is an old prison. It looked so cool!

I really like the way the ground looks with the stones and moss.
Mom captured the prettiest picture in Honfleur! Look at the colors and the reflections in the water!

After visiting Honfleur, we were bussed back to Rouen. We had dinner and then went to a light show. This light show was the light show to end all light shows! Still can't believe how awesome it was!

Dinner on the ship!

Headed to the light show and I couldn't get over how gorgeous the bridge lights looked reflecting on the Seine river! Reminds me of a Van Gogh painting!

So, I have to say, when we were told that there would be a light show that night in Rouen, I wasn't expecting much. A few lights shining, bouncing around here and there, blinking, whatever. You guys! This "light show" was AMAZING. One of the coolest things I have ever seen. It's one of the things that I am most excited to show people when they ask about my trip.

The lights were projected onto the Rouen cathedral and set to music/sounds. It was breathtaking. 


I had to share these video's!

Ok. The longest post in history is done!
The next day we headed to the beaches of Normandy. 


Thank you guys for hanging in there with all of these vacation recaps! I know they are taking forever but it's important to me to keep track of everything for memory's sake. Plus, it's kind of fun for me to relive it all through the blog!


  1. wow, just stunning! makes me want to go more and more!

    and you looked gorgeous! love the outfits you wore on this trip!

  2. Oh my goodness that light show is AMAZING!! That is so cool you got to see that. I sometimes can't believe that places that look like that exist. It looks so quaint and old fashioned like. Imagine living in that town!! I would have been so fascinated to see the old prison.