Sunday, January 22, 2012

Estes Park: Days 2 and 3

In case you missed the first day at Estes Park...find it here!

I took alot of pictures. Again.

We found this random huge shoe and decided we had to take pictures with it.

The little boy going into the front door has his pants pulled half way down.
What kind of house is this!?

I took alot of pictures because Colorado is so beautiful! This was in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I love all of the wildlife that is out and about!

This is a lake that had been frozen. It was so pretty yet a little scary to walk on.

My husband is creative.

If you look closely you can see people waaay out there. They are crazy. Garrett wouldn't let me venture out that far.

This is back in town. I thought the frozen river was so pretty.

Estes was having their Winter Festival the weekend we were there. It was a $5 entry fee and you could taste all of the chili you wanted. These pictures are a little blurry but I wanted to show you how many different kinds of Chili there were to taste. Garrett was in Heaven!

After you tasted you could vote for the one you liked best. All of these little buckets are for a different kind. There were alot!

This is one of my favorite stores in Estes. It is so cute and has so many different types of candies.

Have you ever seen The Shining? This is the Stanley Hotel. It is the hotel where Stephen King got the idea to write the book The Shining. It is rumored to be haunted and it is absolutely gorgeous!

I can't get over the fact that elk just wander around the streets in town!

He's not even fenced in. He's just walking into these people's yard. SO weird! And SO cool!

Where we stayed. Such a cute and cozy little cabin!

To answer your question, yes, that is the last picture. I am finally done with this post! Thanks for risking your chances of aquiring carpel tunnel to scroll all the way down the page! It is greatly appreciated. : )

We hope that you all have had a great weekend! Can't wait to read about what you all have been up to!


  1. such gorgeous pictures!! that one of the Stanley with the lake in front is AMAZING. so is the frozen river shot! ps- did you get me some candy at the Old Fashion Candy Store? JK :) i do hope you loaded up for yourself! looks like heaven.

  2. awesome pictures! I've only been to colorado once and I was really little so I don't remember it. I want to go again!

  3. My husband would love it there, all that wildlife! He is a huge hunter. And holy cats, that's a lot of chili, did you try it all?! ;)

  4. omg so many great pictures! I don't if i would have ventured out that far either! :)

  5. i used to live in CO and loved Estes Park. Your photos brought back so many memories! and I didn't know the hotel in the Shining was there so cool