Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Wedding: Part 2

A couple of days ago I decided to write about our wedding, here
I was planning on wrapping it up within one post. As you can tell by the title, that didn't happen, and there may even be a part 3. Oops! 
I'm a long winded type of gal. And long-pictured, if that were a word.

 After a fun several days in Mexico, it was wedding time! July 31st, 2010 to be exact. : )

 Seester and I getting our nails and toenails done! 
Pre-makeup if you couldn't tell.

Sis getting gorgeous! : )

Mama lacing up my dress

That's my dad. In my headband.

My flowers arrived. Tulips are my favorite!

Silly camera kept fogging up when we went outside!
My mom and sister look beautiful!

Foggy but I love it
Me, mom, and dad

Meanwhile, in Garrett's room...

Almost that time!
Our wedding venue

Alyssa and Yates waiting for everything to get started
Her tan line still makes me giggle : )

My two favorite people...

The whole family waiting on dad and I to arrive

And I'm going to leave you hanging with that.
  If I continue, this post will be never ending. 

But, Dad and I arrived in a really neat way. 
Can you guess what it was?

Also, maybe, just maybe, there will be a post number 4. I just realized that I want to talk about our reception too. Too many good memories made to leave it out!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Give us as many posts as you'd like! I want to see them all!

    Love the pictures and your recap.

    Looking forward to part 3 :)

  2. You look beautiful! I love looking at people's recent wedding photos. makes me always go back to that special day! i hope you guys had fun and had a great wedding i can't wait to see even more! i wish i could relive my wedding day! it was the best day of my life and then the honeymoon was the best week of my life! :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment Bridget! I'm glad your wedding went so great! You are a sweet girl and deserved the perfect wedding day!

  3. I say take as many posts as you need to to re-cap your wedding! I did about 5, maybe even more a couple months ago all about my wedding, and I keep thinking of things to add :-)

    your dress and flowers are gorgeous, and I love how tan everyone is haha.

    1. Thank you Val! I need to check out your wedding posts. I have to tan, as you might can tell, is completely fake. I used Fake Bake. Otherwise I would have either been white as a ghost or red as a tomato! lol

  4. I know how you and your dad arrived, but I won't ruin it for the others :). I am still so in love with your was perfect on you! And of course I love all the purple touches too :). Oh and the headband picture of your Dad cracks me up so hard...what a goober!

  5. You and the venue, looked gorgeous! Can't wait to see more! Oh, and that tan line, haha!!