Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Wedding: Part 3

Yep. There is a part 3. 
Probably going to be a part 4 as well. 

But, I'm pretty sure there has been no idea sparked in my brain for a part 5. 
Unless something gets crazy up in here. 
For now you are safe! : )

If you are just tuning in, check out Part 1 and Part 2 first!

Alright, we left off Part 2 with everyone waiting on me and dad to arrive.

Garrett's in his spot! Let the wedding begin : )


Dad and I got to come in on a horse carriage! 
If you have any idea how much I love animals, you will know that this was particularly exciting for me.

My only complaint was that I had no time whatsoever to pet the horse. We were on a schedule. Dumb.

Once I arrived, down went my sister.
She was on a mission to get me hitched quick!
(Sorry B. This picture still makes me laugh.)

My turn!
Check out my awesome sunburn

Cheek kisses and giving me away

Our ceremony was different. 
Looking back, I have NO clue what was said during the whole thing. I was concentrated on Garrett, the folks in the crowd, Alyssa, and how hot it was in that heavy dress. And I was thirsty.

We signed our marriage licenses and added our thumb print to them.


Ring time

We did it!!

Champagne toast
You have no idea how thankful I was for something to drink. 
I chugged mine out of pure thirst.

I love my dad's face in this one

The whole group


"Alyssa! Watch your knee!"


The end.

Thanks for hanging in there...again. I'm really loving reliving our wedding and I'm loving all of the sweet comments you guys are leaving. Makes a gal feel happy!

Next post: Reception


  1. So beautiful! Dream location to get married! Bring on part 4!!

    You looked incredible! Hubby looked handsome too!

  2. lol i just realized only 5 ppl were wearing shoes at your wedding and that just makes it that much more awesome :)

  3. I love how small your wedding was. We had over 300 people at ours. The other day we ran into people who commented that they hadn't seen us since our wedding. Um, I had no idea who they were. And our hubbies have matching rings.

  4. What a dream! You were a gorgeous bride :)

  5. Holy gorgeous ring!! I loved your intimate ceremony and you guys looked great, sunburn and all :)

  6. these pictures are so sweet! and I love your ring, it's beautiful :-)

  7. ahh gorgeous photos!! the sky and weather is such a picture perfect blue and your dress all the details are so perfect. thanks for sharing

  8. I love that you guys were cute! Except your his boots...:). That first picture of Garrett is priceless; he looks so happy to be marrying the girl of his dreams. Lucky boy!!

  9. what a beautiful wedding! and you are a gorgeous bride! I love your dress! and love the color of the bridesmaid dress too!