Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. As usual. We tend to like them that way.

Friday night we decided we were going to start a board game competition to see who comes out as the victorious board gamer. As in, we are going to play every single board game we have, which is alot, and whoever wins the most is the King or Queen of board games. 
I know it. We are lame.

I won Bezzerwizzer. Then Garrett decided he couldn't handle me being in the lead and chose a game he knew only he could win...Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. He also won Skipbo.
Garrett 2 Whitney 1

During our intense gaming, I made myself a huge mug of hot chocolate.

I learned the secret(s) to making good hot chocolate:
1. Use plenty of marshmallows
2. Use a little whipped cream, too
3. Most importantly, use 2 packets of hot chocolate mix! 

These were made Friday as well!
S'mores bars. Recipe coming soon!


Saturday it snowed. It was beautiful! It didn't stop us from going out in it though. We had dinner at Jack & Grill, the place with the HUGE burgers, and then we went to a thrift store called Flossie McGrew's.

Flossie McGrew's is one of the weirdest, most eclectic stores I have ever been in. They have a huge selection of ugly Christmas sweaters, dresses from the 40's, 50's, and 60's, as well as old trophies, vintage name it, they have it. 

They even had this.

 Is that creepy or what?

I know you can't tell much, but this is the outside of Flossie McGrew's. I told you they have everything!

Funny story: I found a sweater in the ugly Christmas sweater section that I actually liked. I tried to talk Garrett into believing it was cute and that beaded things are in style now but he wasn't having it. I didn't get it.

After Flossie's we went to Cherry Creek mall so I could spend my Forever 21 gift card that I found about a month ago randomly in my car.
 Now that is a good feeling. Finding an unused giftcard.

Sunday we watched football all day. 

And played with this little bundle of adorableness...

I hope you all had great weekends!
Back to work tomorrow...blah.



  1. I cannot wait to make hot cocoa and throw tons of marshmallows in it! Yum!

    I want to go to an ugly sweater Christmas party so I'm sure that sweater was perfect, haha. But I'm sure Garret was right, lol.

    I've been searching for my Starbucks gift card and it makes me sad that it's missing. The only thing that makes me happy is knowing that I'll find it soon :)

    I hate playing board games with Sean, he always wins, lol. :)

  2. That looks like a perfect weekend for the hubby & I. Uneventful days are so relaxing, especially after a long week :)
    that hot chocolate looks yummy!
    Thanks for following, have a great week!
    Abi K

  3. I LOVE hot cocoa. And it was supposed to snow here on Sunday, but it didn't and I was pretty sad about it. Oh, well - I'm sure there will be plenty of snow this winter.

    And... I love it when you find money/gift cards that you've forgotten about!

  4. I wish I had your weekends! Ours are so packed with family events and homework, when Monday approaches, I feel like I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend. I would just love one lazy weekend, just one. :( Soon though, Christmas break will be upon us!!!

  5. My weekend was pretty uneventful and I'm totally good with that too. I even skipped out on the cleaning! That store looks totally bizarre!!!

  6. What a great weekend!! I love your hot chocolate rules...two packs? Never heard of such a thing but LOVE the idea of it! I bet it's much richer that way. And those smores bars look deliiiiiiiish...I really wish you'd come down here and bake for (I'd say with, but I'm lazy these days) me. Post that recipe soon please! How lucky finding a F21 gift card randomly in your car...that's like Christmas!

  7. those smore bars look amazing!! and I love LOTS of marshmellows in my hot chocolate!

  8. I want those smores bars now!! Those looks insane! LOL at the crazy deer head - that is so freaky! Hahaa! That store sounds like so much fun! I bet you found something that Garrett approved of @ Forever 21! ;)
    And omygosh, the kitty is adorable!!!