Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Confessions 2

1. I already have Taylor Swift's new album, Red, pretty much memorized. It's an awesome album! My favorite songs are:

That was hard. Picking only 3. I love the whole album.

2. I got my butt kicked in fantasy football this week. By my brother in law. I'm no longer in first place. : ( 
 But, I'm in 2nd. : ) 

3.  I have a huge crush on Clay Matthews. I mean, look at his arms!
There's a second part to this Clay thing, the last time I tried to download a picture of him for my desktop background, we are pretty sure it gave my computer a virus. I like to joke that Clay Matthews gave me a virus. Garrett doesn't think it's as funny as I do.

4. I told myself that the next time I ate out I would order a salad. It didn't happen. Either time. So, to all of my blogger friends, I time I eat out I WILL order a salad. There, now I have to.

5. Candy corn is gross. There I said it.  (I'm sorry Brit, please forgive me and still be my friend. Please!?)

Ha these posts are so much fun!
 I hope you guys all had great weekends! I can't believe it is already over. They go by so fast!

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  1. I love taylor too! And although I hate the packers (naturally as a vikings fan) I kinda like Clay... don't repeat that!

    Love the blog, I'm a new follower!


  2. I agree....candy corn is gross. The ridiculous part about it is that if it's there I'll eat it!! Even though I don't really like it; just 'cause it's candy. Entree salads are delicious and filling! Order one up next time. My fav is usually the cobb. I always substitute in low fat dressing 'cause if you don't then you might as well just order whatever you really wanted to order!

  3. i love taylor swift. but I also love candy corn. :)

  4. ooh those are some nice arms. and I really like Taylor Swift - she's so talented!

    Thanks for linking up, Whitney!!

  5. Hahaha I forgive you, just think you're crazy! You and Z both. I really need to download Taylor's new album!!

  6. lol - i LOVE candy corn and so many friends think it's disgusting and so gross!! haha! thanks for adding the taylor songs...just listened to them - i love "all to well" - so pretty!! i was just about to pick up her cd the other day in Target. i bet whatever you ordered was way better than a salad! :)
    hope your week is off to a great start, whitney!!

  7. Call me crazy but Clay just doesn't do it for me. Aaron... he's cute, depending on what angle you catch him at, haha. Now, Donald Driver.... YUMMY!!!! PS - I am loving Taylor too :)