Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions 3

Hi pretty's!

It's Sunday which means it's Sunday confessions time. 

1. I have a shopping addiction but not enough money to fuel it. I've loved shopping ever since I can remember. There's just something about buying things, particularly clothes, that can make a girl happy. I've tried to get more into fashion these past couple of years so maybe that's why? Regardless, I love to shop! 

I got these awhile back and am loving the pink heart necklace. Forever 21 has such cute, cheap jewelry! Just don't expect it to last forever. The clutch was on sale at Anthropologie. 

2. My blog really pissed me off just now. I started this post a couple hours ago and kept getting a message saying, "Whoops! You have ran out of space!" every time I tried to upload pictures. So I have a question for you...what do y'all use to upload pictures to your blogs?  I have always just uploaded straight from my computer but apparently my "Picasa Web Album" is full. I don't even know what that is. Please help!

3. I am so ready for Thanksgiving that I can hardly stand it. Yes, because of the yummy food, but more so because my family is coming to stay in Denver for several days. Garrett and I both could definitely use some family time. I haven't seen my sister since last Christmas, that is just insane!

Garrett's family came and stayed with us last Thanksgiving.

4. I LOVE to bake. Way too much. If you have followed my blog for any time at all, you probably already knew this. My biggest Pinterest board is called, "Delectable Desserts".
A couple of my favorite desserts:

Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Brownies

Triple Layer Mud Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

5. Garrett and I both REALLY hate going to the grocery store and because of that have nothing to eat. Ok, we have some things to eat, just nothing that my picky self wants. We even have giftcards that my sweet mom and dad sent us for Halloween and we still don't want to go. Lazy.

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  1. I love you blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!


  2. Picasa is where google stores all the photos you post on your blog. you can also purchase for more space if you prefer. if you go here -- -- you can sign in if you are not already, and see albums where all your photos are.

    Most people use flickr or photobucket but I stick to picasa. I also delete photos from old blogs so that kind of keeps me from running out of space.

    I wish I can cook, those pies looks delicious. have a great day.

  3. That happens?! Oh boy! That is going to happen to me soon considering the crazy amount of pictures I have stored. Boo to that!

    I love shopping too although I must say that a lot of the jewelry I have bought from F21 has lasted a while but that could also be because I have so much.

    I want to be the dessert queen like you!! Why don't we switch? I can get your love for baking and you get my love for grocery shopping, haha :)

  4. You got it to work..yay!! I love your new Anthro need to start doing some outfit posts for us. I wanna see what you pair it with. I know what you mean about F21 jewelry...but it is really cute! And ummmmm triple layer mud pie looks SO good right now!

  5. I HATE grocery shopping too! I took one for the team and went so he could watch football and then make Chili. Fair trade I'd say. Those Peanut Butter Marshmallow brownies look sooooo good. I'm a Peanut butter junkie. Shopping is the BEST HIGH EVER! Who needs drugs when you can shop.

  6. those desserts look unbelievable!! I upload pictures straight from my computer - that would frustrate me too!!

  7. I recently wrote about how much I enjoy grocery shopping now, used to not like it at all. Ah, lovely Anthro clutch. on sale? I must check out the store near me. I'm following you on gfc, feel free to check out my blog.
    Also, through my blog I sell new & recycled high-end fashion at great starting prices, all the way from Philadelphia!
    Abigail K

  8. ahh, i love your finds at forever 21!! i need to get over there's been a couple months since i've been and i always find such awesome deals there!! those desserts are calling my name!! i'm sorry blogger is being a pain in the butt...i use blogger to upload too...hope it fixes itself for ya!
    i feel like i always have to run to the grocery store bc i never remember everything i need...sometimes i go for something specific and literally leave with everything but that one item. :/
    hope you and the mr had a wonderful weekend!

  9. I hear you on #1. Same here, sadly.

  10. That same thing happened to me about a year ago! I now use Photobucket to house all of my blog photos since I ran out of the allotted space blogger gives.

  11. I wish I enjoyed shopping, but I don't.

    As far as your photos go, I just re-size mine before I upload them. I always make sure the width is at 640 px exactly (since that's how big the "XL" photo size on blogger is) before I upload them, and I will down-grade the quality as well. I almost never upload a picture that is larger than 250k, and they are still really good blog-quality. Just make sure you save the original somewhere else on your computer if it's something you'd like to someday print.

    Thanks for linking up last week, whitney!