Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Beautiful Exchange with Hayley

Hi y'all! 
Today I have a special someone for you guys to get to know! Her name is Hayley, she is super sweet, funny, and she's gorgeous!  Get to know her if you haven't already : )

Hi, guys! My name is Hayley and I write over at A Beautiful Exchange! I am a 20 year old mom of one that blogs about pretty much everything. I have so many interests and my blog is a great place to bundle them up and share them with other people. You can find all kinds of fun DIY projects, posts about family life, book "reviews," and random makeup ideas! Whitney came up with a few questions so you guys can get to know me a little better! Enjoy!

Your blog is called A Beautiful Exchange. How did you come up with this and what does it mean to you? A Beautiful Exchange is a song by Hillsong United. It is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics describe my life perfectly. I couldn't think of a better fit for my ongoing life scrapbook. :)

You have a handsome hubby named Jake, what is your favorite thing about being married? What is your least favorite thing? My favorite thing about being married is probably the constant companionship. Through every up and down, high and low, Jake is totally constant. He is always there to be my teammate in this crazy life. You can read more about why I love being married here. Or, if you are in an extra mushy mood, you can check out our story here. My least favorite thing is probably the "real life" factor of being married. It's totally different than dating and takes a lot of growth and adjustment from each of you. I recently wrote my 5 favorite things about being married! Go check it out!

You two also have a precious little boy named Eli, what is your number one mommy tip? That's a tough one! I guess aside from the obvious like loving and supporting your children, I would remind all moms to make time for themselves. It's so easy to feel guilty about leaving the kids with a sitter, or even Dad after he has worked a long day, but it is so important to get a little mommy time. Even if your "mommy time" consists of running errands or going to the grocery store, you will quickly recognize how important that hour or two of quiet time is!

Who is your favorite celebrity and why? When I first read that, I thought of the Kardashians. I don't know why they are so darn interesting. Maybe it's because I come from a big crazy family like that too....who knows. But I think Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite right now. She seems so real, totally confident, and absolutely hilarious. How could you not love someone who accepts an award with a reference to Mean Girls?

Do you have any hidden talents? I can sing. I know a lot of people say that and truly believe it. If not, American Idol would have been much less interesting over the years. I really do love to sing and used to participate in all kinds of things that would let me use that talent. I'm an Alto, so I really love harmonizing with people and singing acoustic stuff. I don't get to sing much anymore outside of the shower, but one day I will get back into the swing of things. It's hard to pursue multiple hobbies when you have a little guy! 

Thank you to Hayley for answering my questions and hanging out on my blog today! : ) You guys can find Hayley on Twitter, Bloglovin', and Facebook!


  1. I'm heading over to check her out now!! Perfect little family. Awesome post :)

  2. Gonna go check her out! Loved her sweet answers!