Thursday, May 2, 2013

How did THAT get you HERE?

Hi love bugs!

Just the other day I was Tweeting the funny things that people had recently searched for that brought them to my blog. Then, today I came across this great link up idea hosted by Helene and knew I wanted to participate! Thanks Helene!

Basically, the idea of the link up is to share what ridiculous search terms people have used to find your blog page. I normally don't look at my search terms too often, so I only really have 2 funny ones to share. But, they are good ones and will make you giggle.

1. "Ugly cat in the shower"
Y'all, I have no idea how this would have brought anyone to my blog! Sure, I've talked about my love for my two cats, as well as cat breath, but I have never talked about an ugly cat in the shower. Weeeiiird.

2. "Sex toy giveaway"
Mom, I have never given away a sex toy on my blog. Or at all for that matter. But I did talk about this curling iron looking like some kind of weird sex toy and in that same post I was doing a giveaway. Someone was probably upset when they got here and discovered there was no sex toy giveaway. 
My apologies.

{I just realized that I said sex toy 5 times now which will probably lead someone here again just to be disappointed.}

3. "Happy life"
This one just made me feel happy. 
The fact that someone searched happy life and it somehow brought them to my blog is sweet and encouraging.

What strange things have people searched for that brought them to your blog page?

Helene in Between


  1. hahah sex toy giveaway?! i would have to tell my mom the same thing!

  2. well now people are DEF. going to be coming here looking for some sex toys! craziness.

  3. Hahahaha! I love that someone found you by searching for a sex toy giveaway! That's awesome. :-)

  4. ugly cat in the shower....hahahaha! I am cracking up! And ohmygosh, #2 has me dying. I remember that post and the curling iron photo! LOL! And so funny that because you typed it five times, they'll now be back even more possibly! :) this was such a funny post. Loved it! Xoxo

  5. Sex toy, giveaway, Jesus on stilts, couscous, sex toy, Finland animal shelter, air conditioning unit making fart noises, sex toy, bro mustache, lotion in belly button, sexy toy, batman pajamas. There. You might get some more gems now! I loooooove you!

    1. hahahahahaha fart noises....oh Garrett, you so funny!

  6. hahahahaha these make me LAUGH! I like the "happy life" do have a happy life! you are so blessed- amazing hubby, beautiful city, sweet, supportive family, WORLD'S BEST friends (ha, jk! sortof..), not to mention all the cool places you've gotten to travel and visit. I'd say you've definitely had a happy life! I miss you and that happy, smiling face of yours!!

  7. Hahaha too funny!!!

    I use to get some really strange ones but I haven't checked in a while. One that sticks out was: Someone on the Internet is wrong.

    Yeah. Still confused.

  8. these are always so funny! sex toy giveaway? ha ha!

  9. Aww happy life thats so sweet :)