Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Very Special Someone(s)

Hey friends!

Today I am sharing four sweet ladies with you that you will definitely want to get to know! When I started offering advertising, I didn't know how lucky I would get with the people who would choose to hang out on my sidebar! I really have gotten the best, sweetest ladies!

So here ya go...check 'em out!

Megan owns a cute shop called Megan's Beaded Designs.

Megan hand makes jewelry, hair pieces, brooches and much more. Check out her shop here and read about her business model here! She creates unique pieces for unique people. Not only does she create pretty beaded pieces, she writes about things like living in the here and now and being happy in the moment, as well as eliminating the word "just" from your vocabulary. She also shows us 5 ways to rock a headband (check out the Geordi! : )). Basically, Megan is a creative sweetheart striving to make unique pieces for women who want to stand out a little bit and she is doing a great job! 

Meighan blogs over at Heavens to Meighan.

Now if you couldn't tell from that picture, Meighan is pretty awesome! I guess I am a little bit biased because she is my best blogging friend, as in we text pretty much daily. If you are looking for a new friend who is sweet and hilarious, please check her out! Need an example of this hilarity? Ok. What about the time Meighan tripped and fell? Or the time she relives her time with her childhood imaginary friend, Peter? Don't worry, your abs won't always be sore from giggling at her words, she also shares other things, like her new collection of pretty blues!

Ange is a beauty blogger at Hair Spray & High Heels.

If I remember correctly, I met Ange on Twitter. She is always up at 2am like me, so we hit it off! She is extremely sweet and goes out of her way to help out fellow bloggers. What more could you ask for from a blogging friend? If that weren't enough, this girl loves fried pickles and usually doesn't feel like getting dressed for the day, it's like we are the same person! : ) Remember I told ya she was a beauty blogger? This girl came up with a manicure inspired by each Disney princess!! 10 different manicures! {The Pocahontas one is my fave!} She also shares her ideas for a makeup starter kit!

Jeannette is a blogger at Jeannette with Two Ns.

How cute is she? Very is the answer! : ) She is also sweet and is loads of fun. Jeannette's blog is fun and one I am definitely glad I found. She talks about all sorts of things like why she blogs and says that when she doesn't blog for awhile she feels incomplete. Now if that's not love for the blog world, I don't know what is! She also participated in our fun link up Never Have I Ever where I discovered that she doesn't really love Taylor Swift like I do, and I'm ok with that! Jeannette also almost got arrested, you'll have to read this one for yourself! : )

Now you have four new ladies to check out! If you are like me, you never get tired of meeting new bloggers and potential blogging friends. It's always fun to see if you might connect with a new person through their blog!

Ps. Come back on May 13th for the group giveaway these girls are participating in! 


  1. Looks like a great group of ladies! :)

  2. thanks for sharing your friends and their blogs with us, whitney! it's amazing the relationships we can develop through blogging! :)
    so happy we "met!!"
    have a relaxing night!! xoxox

  3. Can't wait to check these ladies out! Thanks for sharing :)

    xoxo Jamie

  4. I love being introduced to new blogs :) these look a great group of ladies!