Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cara Box and Some Random Rambling

Hi y'all!

Remember last week when I said I was going to start trying to eat healthier? Well I am still trying and today I had a salad for lunch. It was gross and I ended up throwing half of it away. It's times like these that I just want to go to Arby's and try the new Sweet Hawaiian Roll sandwich. Then after that, drive a couple more minutes to Sonic for one of their shakes. 
Why can't eating healthy be easy?

I have thought about making myself eat healthy for 5 days out of the week and then having 2 cheat days where I can eat what I want. I think that having cheat days would be counterproductive for me because then I would have this voice in my head saying, "nope, you can't have this today but you can have it on Saturday" and to me that's silly. 
Oh eating healthy, I hate you. Atleast right now.

Annnyways, I got my April Cara Box on Sunday from Gayle and it was really cute! Thank you Gayle for the box and sweet card!

From left to right, Gayle sent me:

1. A space saving water bottle. Isn't that cool? It's flat until you fill it up with water so it's easy to store in a purse/backpack. And it has a fun print!

2. A bright, spring themed coffee cup that can be recycled. I love the bright print on this too!

3. 4 little pots of flowers to grow. These were my favorite thing she sent, I can't wait to grow them! Now if it will just stop snowing so that I can sit them outside!

4. 2 reusable produce bags. These are great since Garrett and I recently started eating more produce! Can't wait to use these either!

Thanks again to Gayle for the sweet box filled with fun things!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! Half way to the weekend!



  1. I love ALL of it! Super cute things, and I love the flowers too. I can't wait to plant some flowers this year!

  2. That space saving water bottle is awesome!! And so are those produce bags...I've never seen those before. Glad you got a good box this time!! And I HEAR you on the eating healthy...we are the worst. You are doing so good though!

  3. That water bottle would be great to take on vacation!

  4. I've totally gotten fast food somewhere & driven to Sonic for "dessert"! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  5. I'm eating healthier too. I'm allowing myself to splurge on the weekends though. I've learned that meal planning is helping me out. If you do that then you'll have your meals all set and you'll know ahead of time what you'll eat so you'll be less tempted to eat out. At least that's what I think.

  6. It's not just's King's Hawaiian! They're HQed in SoCal and OH.MY.GOD. their rolls are soooo good. I can't wait to try to Arby's one too.

  7. Glad you got a good swap partner this time. I think you just need to find things you like and maybe it's the way things are put together too. I like healthy food. It may not always be what I have a craving for but I love salads and have discovered that I like veggies a lot more then I used to.

  8. Sweet swag!! And I'm dying to try that King's Hawaiian sandwich, even though I'm not supposed to eat that stuff. OMG let's break the rules together!

  9. Yay, I'm so glad you got a good box this time! :-)

  10. What a cute box! I did not participate this month because I wasn't feeling very "green" or creative. You can do the eating healthy thing! Just take it one day at a time. Have you ever looked into the Weight Watchers program. I like it because you can be creative with what your food (don't have to just eat salad) and still lose weight or be healthy or whatever your goal. :)

  11. Such a sweet gift! That's an awesome water bottle!! Such a great idea! And love the cute!
    Wishing you and Garrett a wonderful weekend! Hope it's a fun one! Xoxox