Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dog Sitting, Pumpkin Hunting, and Corn Mazes...Oh My!

Last weekend was a fun one!

We had the opportunity to dogsit a sweet boy named Archer. We went to our first pumpkin patch and got to pick out our very own Cypert pumpkin. We got lost in a corn maze. And, we saw a hot pink fountain! (I especially loved the pink fountain!)

Living in Denver has brought along many wonderful opportunities that we are so thankful for! One of them being the various activities we are able to take part in. For instance, hunting for a pumpkin in a patch that is nestled close to the mountains!  Absolutely breathtaking!

Even though we were one of the only couples without kids (picture going to play on the McDonald's playground without a child and that is kind of how I felt at this "pumpkin festival" without a kid) we had a blast picking out the perfect (or maybe just the one I felt sorriest for) pumpkin and taking pictures in the corn maze!

The fall season in Denver was already one of my favorite times because of the gorgeous trees and snow capped mountains. After last weekend it is definitely my favorite season of all. I hope everyone has a chance to have a "Denver fall" once in their lifetime!!

Since today is Sunday and I have a fantasy football game going on against a great friend ( Hello Miguel! I wish I could say you are going down today, but we both know you probably aren't, so enjoy one of your last victories. Baahhahaha. That was my evil laugh FYI.) I am going to let the pictures tell the rest of the our fall weekend story!

Sweet Archer! He made us want to get our own dog.

James, if you ever read this, thank you for letting us keep Archer!! He was great!

This is a one-room school house that was built in 1874. I wonder what it would have been like to have school in only one room all day?

About to start pumpkin hunting

Taking pictures by yourself is so awkward

So many to choose from!

Found it!

So gorgeous!

I was excited about the Cinnamon Sugar Almonds!

HUGE pumpkins

This silo and the red barn in the next picture were near the pumpkin patch. They made for a nice "country" feel!

Corn Maze! It was so beautiful with the blue sky and mountains in the background.

After we left the pumpkin and maze fun, we spotted a pink fountain. I didn't feel like stopping and taking pictures so we didn't.

Yeah right!

What a neat way to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! : )


  1. This is so cool! I love yalls lil page!

  2. Looks like fun! Obsessed with the pink fountain!!! And Garrett's Saints jersey too.

  3. Thanks Bre!!

    Brit I LOVED that fountain! And Garrett's jersey is pretty cute : )