Monday, October 3, 2011

Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert!! : )

I'm sitting here trying to think of the best way to start this blog. Trying not to sound too overly cheesy. However, seeing Taylor Swift and blogging about it is sort of a cheesy thing to do so I guess that means this particular blog entry will be overtly cheesy. I apologize in advance!

Last Tuesday, the 27th of September, was one of the funnest/coolest/awesomest (yeah I made that word up) nights of my life so far. Finally being able to see Taylor Swift in concert was a dream come true! Yes, I am aware that I am 24 years old and love the same girl that many "teeny boppers" love, but I don't care. She was pretty awesome. Not only did I know almost every word to every song she sang, I also knew the hand sign to hold up after songs, I knew the name of the boy (or girl if the song Better Than Revenge came to mind) each song was about, and I know what a T Party is (too bad I didn't get to go).

I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about seeing her live. Sitting next to my husband the music critic, I was afraid she would start out off key or maybe not sing as well live as she does in recording, and that he would think of her as less than great. I think that she surprised the both of us (mainly Garrett) when she sounded great in person, played several different instruments, as well as put on a fantastic show! She made me feel very proud to be a "Swifty". That silly/cheesy word means a Taylor Swift fan in case you didn't know. 

The concert started out with the curtains pulled shut and Taylor's voice talking about speaking up when you feel that you need to, not waiting until it is too late. Hence her album, Speak Now. She came from beneath the stage and first performed Sparks Fly.

Her entrance and Sparks Fly performance from the night we were there! This is not Garrett's and my video but I liked it. 

 The last song she performed was Love Story. It was pretty awesome. She got into a moveable balcony, for lack of better words, and was lifted into the crowd in her beautiful ball gown! It was beautifully glittery in the end and I loved how she went throughout the crowd in the balcony. That'd be a pretty fun ride. I have to admit, I felt a little sad in realizing this was the last song, and watching the curtains close after she and her band waved and bowed. I could have stayed there all night!

Love Story performance!

Taylor has been doing this neat thing where in every city she performs she does a cover of a song from a band that is from that area. For example, she covered Eminem's Lose Yourself in Grand Rapids (I recommend watching that video, it's funny). The Fray is from Denver so she did a cover of their song How to Save a Life. And she did it perfectly. 

I know, I'm posting tons of videos but I love to watch them! This isn't the best video but it has great audio of her cover of How to Save a Life by the Fray!

Ok, last video I promise! This is one that Garrett and I filmed. Bear with us, it's not the best video ever, but it's nice to have it to watch and listen to. Plus, the stage set was pretty cool! Oh, and this is the song where she walked through the crowd and made me extremely jealous of those who go to hug her! All we could do was film while those people hugged her, high fived her, touched her. Yeah I am a little bitter. Whatever. This is her performance of Speak Now!

Ok, as you can see I could go on and on and on forever about this night. And I can't wait to go to another concert of hers!

I'm going to try to keep the rest of this short and only add pictures. I'll try I said.

This was by far the biggest concert I have ever been to. Every seat in here was filled by the time the show started!

The stage lit up and almost ready!

Garrett had glitter all over him from a boy holding up a sparkly sign behind us.

And....she finally came on stage!!

Isn't she gorgeous!?

Right before singing Mean!

Probably sharing some words of wisdom : )

What a fun band to be a part of! Just chillin' on a porch together!

Snow falling for Back to December!

Such a beautiful set!

If you squint you can see her playing the piano.

Then she came and sat a little closer to our seats!

and last but not least...

I hope that if you ever get a chance to go to one of her shows that you will take it! You will have fun and odds are that you will know most of the songs played since they are on the radio 24/7.She was wonderful and I can't wait to go again!

I would like to give a special shout out to that hubby of mine! Thank you SO SO much for taking me to this concert and for going with me and for enjoying yourself and for not laughing at me too hard when I tried to sing in my sick voice and for being the great husband that you are! I love you!! I had the best night with you!

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