Monday, October 31, 2011

Garrett's 24th Birthday

Wow, I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have posted something! Apparently I need to get busy crafting and baking so I will have something to blog about.

Thankfully, Garrett's day of birth gave me something to write about, take pictures of, as well as bake something for (even if it completely fell apart. More on that later).

About a month prior to his birthday, we got an email from Living Social for 2 tickets to the Broncos game on his birthday weekend. Heck yes! We decided that would awesome and we were excited about the aspect of rooting for our fantasy football players in person. We logged in to purchase them and they were sold out.  BIG bummer! ( Although after watching the game we wanted to attend on TV last night, we both decided we were glad we didn't go. #Tebowing. No, I don't have a Twitter account, I just wanted to put a hashtag in front of that silly word just to do it.)

So, about a week or two before Garrett's birthday I told him to decide on what he wanted to do again. He decided he wanted to go to the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, so we got online to book a tour...and they were full through February! Every Saturday, all day long...full! Goodness I felt bad for him!

Finally he decided he wanted to go to dinner at Outback and go to Twist and Shout for a new vinyl. That was it. There was no way he could be denied this! So that's what we did. We also went to a HUGE antique mall called the Brass Armadillo. Best. Place. Ever. They had FREE Halloween candy, drawings, free lemonade, cookies, and Halloween music blaring over the speakers. We had a blast! (Julie, when y'all visit over Thanksgiving we have to go. You would love it!)

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend:

He got a Jimmy Johns giftcard. Now he won't starve to death during lunch

Junior (our cat) got him a vinyl : )

The face of spoiled rotten.

Awwww Yeaaah! (in my best Mac voice) If you don't watch this show you should! And this board game is pretty awesome!

And then it turned ugly..
But, that is only the bottom layer. The top layer will still be fine! That's what I told Garrett.

Look at that! What the heck!? I sprayed AND floured those dang pans! Stupid cake.

Good thing, after I sat in our room and pouted, that I came up with an idea for it. Birthday Cake truffles! Yep, in that mixing bowl is a whole cake mixed with a container of icing. I'm glad I remembered someone telling me about these.

Not a birthday cake but tasted like one! Ugh, I had these candles that had colored flames, icing to write on his cake and everything! Oh well.I guess these are cute. For a non birthday cake.  Stupid cake.

 We had fun at the antique store..

Garrett found a pretty sweet duster...

And then...I found these bad boys! Hahahaha aren't they awesome?

So that was his birthday! Alot of silliness, failed birthday cake making, and antique shopping. It was SO much fun! Oh, and when we got home we watched Ghostbusters. He had never seen it! Can you believe that!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween and Halloween weekend! 

When there's something strange, in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?


  1. Yes! I love this blog, hun. Best. Birthday. Ever. No lies. I'll never forget it! Now I have the Ghostbusters theme song stuck in my head......"I ain't afraid o' no ghost!"

  2. Lol You are silly hun, which is one of the reasons I love you! I'm glad you enjoyed your bday, can't wait for mine!

  3. These are great guys! I miss hanging out all the time! It will happen again, and I can't wait!! Oh, by the way, I was hiding in the closest that night with the fort clark picture look on my face. Just starring and drooling. Haha! Love you guys!

  4. hahahaha Cody I need to see that picture! I haven't seen it yet, but I have heard about it!