Monday, December 10, 2012

Georgetown, CO

Hey guys! : )

Saturday, Garrett and I drove to Georgetown to spend the day. After receiving some crappy news on Friday, more on that later, we decided that getting out of town for the day would do us a world of good.

I had discovered online that Georgetown turns into a "Christmas town" the first 2 weekends of December, and thought it may help me to get into the Christmas spirit if we went. For some reason, this year I have not gotten into the spirit yet. I didn't even really want to put up our tree! 

Going to Georgetown helped, as it was gorgeous with a wonderful atmosphere of Christmas music, lights, friendly people, shopping, roasted chestnuts, and snow. As Garrett put it, "It looked like something from a postcard."

Of course we made a stop in here. I didn't get anything but their cupcakes looked amazing! 

I definitely under dressed for that day. I was FREEZING! I'm normally the first person to get hot so I never wear too many layers, that day I wished I had. We ended up stopping and buying my first pair of mittens. They are wool and have a really soft and warm lining.


I could spend all day trying on silly hats. It's so much fun!







We ate at a place called The Happy Cooker. It was a "family style seating" restaurant. That means that you sit with strangers at the same table. I hate places like that. If I had known ahead of time I wouldn't have stepped foot in there. It's not that I don't like people, but sitting closely at a table and sharing a meal with complete strangers holds the possibility of complete awkwardness. 

When they called "Garrett and Whit" I looked up, ready to go sit down. I thought it was strange that Garrett had written down both our names, but didn't give much thought to it until I realized that the "Whit" was actually "Whitt" and was someone else's last name.  They were standing right beside us so I couldn't say no at that point.
 We sat at a small 4 person table and had a meal together. And I am glad we did. They were really nice and there was no awkwardness. Thank goodness.

Bourbon Pecan Pie




This sweet girl was in someone's front yard. Her big ears made me giggle, and want to kiss her.


This lake is along the Interstate. It is so gorgeous frozen with the houses behind it. Usually it is filled with people ice fishing, brave souls! 




Georgetown was beautiful and full of Christmas cheer. I guess it did the trick of helping me get into the Christmas spirit because we put up our tree that night. Finally!

What things get you into the Christmas spirit?



  1. omg so pretty! It's 80 degrees and raining down here, which is not good for my Christmas spirit

  2. That town is so idyllic. It really is straight out of a postcard. I've never been to a family seating type restaurant. Strange. It def could be very awkward and it totally changes your dining experience. Glad it worked out that time. For me it's getting the tree that gets me going...which sometimes in itself I'm not really that up for but once I get it then I feel the holiday spirit.

  3. Omg, seriously!! These pictures do not look real!! You are a great photographer!! I'm glad it got you into the Christmas spirit, I mean, how can it not?!

    I also hate family seating too at restaurants. But I'm glad you had a great experience. ;)

    And yay for your tree going up!!

  4. i want to be THERE!!!! omygosh, georgetown is breathtakingly beautiful. CO is beautiful. i really hope to get there someday!
    your photos are SO SO pretty, whitney!! i was laughing at the family style dining - i'm glad the whitts were a nice couple. it reminded me of a night on our honeymoon where we did hibachi - we were surrounded by other couples - everyone was so sweet, thankfully. lol.
    the lake, the streets and shops - all awesome!!
    i'm glad you and garrett had a nice weekend. i'm sorry to hear about the news and hope everything is okay!! lots of love <3

  5. What a gorgeous little town and a fun-filled day. I love exploring fun little sites around our area too. Gorgeous photos too!

  6. Oh my goodness Georgetown, Colorado is now officially on my bucket list :)

  7. wow so unbelievably beautiful!!!! love all your photos and that pecan pie looks yum x

  8. great pictures dear. Looks like a grand time.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Aww, I love Colorado and this just made me miss it even more!!