Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ridin' Dirty

Hey y'all!
Garrett and I made it safely home to Texas for Christmas with our families!
Since both our families live out in the sticks, our internet connection is slooooww, which makes it difficult to write any posts so I won't be blogging until after Christmas.
I wanted to to tell you guys to all have great Christmases, and to have fun with your families, and to eat tons of sweets!  I can't wait to catch up on your posts and holiday festivities!
Before I go, I have to share with y'all our drive home. Atleast our drive once we crossed over the Texas borderline.
This is the sun.
That, my friends, is a Texas dust storm!
It was awful and so scary. The Interstate was closed down because it was so bad. You could literally barely see the person ahead of you and it was like that for over 2 hours of our drive.
There was a 23 car wreck and as far as I know, 1 death. I am so thankful we were not a part of that. We drove by the wreck and it looked like something from a movie, smashed up cars and ambulances, and people being loaded into vans on stretchers. Very creepy. The emergency medical people said they were having a hard time finding the wrecks due to the amount of dirt in the air, there was no visibility!
I hope we don't have to drive through anything like this on the way back! Or ever again.
Ok. I'm done complaining.
 : )
Hope you all have GREAT Christmases!


  1. oh my goodness how scary. at least you are safe!! have a wonderful christmas

  2. Wow, that is scary. It seems even worse then fog. Glad you made it safe. Enjoy a fun mostly internet free holiday with your family.

  3. Aw man, that is awful! I'm so glad you guys made it there safely! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your fam! :)

  4. That is so scary. I'm so glad to hear that you made it safely.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. That IS scary - so happy to hear you and Garrett are ok!!
    Enjoy Christmas with your family and have a super merry one, Whitney!! Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!! Xoxo

  6. WHITNEY! My name is Whitney and apparently you drove through my place I like to call "home" - I actually grew up in Dalhart (which I'm sure you drove through...) but I live in Amarillo now! How COOL! I lived in Denver for a very short time of my live - sweet! We have a lot in common! By the way, I just found your blog from the giveaway over at For Lauren and Lauren!! yay for a new bloggy buddy!