Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Confessions

HI! : )

Sunday = Sunday Confessions

1. Garrett and I went out with some friends Friday night and were out until 5am. For us, that it pretty much nonexistent. I couldn't even tell you the last time we went out. We are usually in bed by midnight. We are going to make the perfect old couple! 

(Good ole iPhone pictures)

2. We still haven't put up our Christmas tree or any Christmas decorations. Usually we put it up the day after Thanksgiving. I don't know what's wrong with us! Football is on today, so it won't get done today either. 

This is from last year:
 Our cats weren't cooperating. Typical.

3. I won the group giveaway from For Lauren and Lauren and I am super excited! It comes with SO many great things! Click on the "group giveaway" link above to see what all I won!

4. I love Coca Cola. Like, alot.
 For example: Garrett and I went to Old Chicago for dinner several months ago and I ordered a Coke and our waitress said, "Will Pepsi be ok?" Inside I was screaming, "HELL NO! Pepsi will NOT be ok!" But on the outside, I smiled and told her I would take a water. I wasn't as sneaky about my disappointment as I thought because our waitress apologized several times for not having Coke. She disappeared for several minutes and came back with a Coke that she had ran across the street and bought at a convenience store!  I almost cried. That is how much I love Coke.

5. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead. It is SO good! Garrett and I just finished season 2 and can't wait to start the third. If you don't watch it, I definitely recommend it!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I can't believe how fast the end of this year is going by!

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  1. The walking dead is a fantastic show. I am really sad that the third season will be taking its mid season break and won't be back until February. I might just have to start watching it again from the beginning.

  2. 5am?! Whoa girl, I'm impressed!

    Get that Christmas tree and decorations up! Hehe!

    Is it bad that I can't tell the difference between Cola and Pepsi? And that waitress! Talk about great service!

    That is so awesome that you won! I never win giveaways!!

    I would love to watch Walking Dead but I'm a scaredy cat!

  3. That was so nice of your waitress! Wow! She went above and beyond!

  4. Umm wow, that is one AMAZING waitress. Like, truly amazing. And I feel the same way about Coke. Best stuff in the world.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  5. A girl after my own heart! Nothing like blood and guts on a Sunday night! Thanks for following me, following back :)

  6. Love Walking Dead too! We just watched ep one of season three last night. We DVR'd the whole marathon. What a sweet waitress to go get the coke. You were out until 5am? Party animals!

  7. That's kinda cool that the waitress went out of her way to get you a Coke. I personally don't care one way or another in terms of cola... Though, I do prefer Coke slightly over Pepsi.

  8. I am the exact same way with Diet Coke! They say is Pepsi okay and I say no way!! Ha!

  9. ahhh, we love the walking dead!! wasn't this last week's episode sooo good??! i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. and now we have to wait until february! boo!! i am the same with diet coke. i haven't had it since pregnant but i can't wait for a sip of that stuff!! those photos of your with the kitties last christmas are adorable!! love them!! :)
    have a wonderful wednesday, whiteny! <3