Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Weekend: A Pancake Social

Garrett and I, and some of his work friends, went to our first pancake social on Friday night. The horrible thing is...we didn't even eat any pancakes.

 I know. A pancake social sounds lame. But it wasn't. It was an art show/pancake social/bar tri-fecta.

We waited in line for about 15 minutes, paid $5 for entry, and headed for some drinks. My Rum & Coke was GROSS but Garrett liked his beer. The art was cool and the place was super crowded. The line for pancakes was long, too long to wait in unfortunately. 

Afterwards, we went to Stoney's, a local bar, and then to a friends apartment before driving home at 4:45am! I can't believe we were out that late. That time rivals our college days.

The cell phone pictures are mine. Phil, Garrett's boss man, took the nice ones.

Fried pickles. They were good!

Phil enjoys a nice Blue Hawaiian.
Or it is mine. I'll let you decide.

I met Ben this night. And I really like him. He let us hang out at his apartment really late. He even made us bacon and egg Toaster Strudels.

Friday night was fun. Some of us had more fun than others but I won't mention any names. : )
I hope you all had great weekends and that your weeks are off to a good start!



  1. I don't know what you're talking about. A pancake social sounds awesome!! I want to go to one!!

    That is what a blue Hawaiian is suppose to look like!!

    I almost ordered fried pickles this weekend. I wish I had because I'm dying to try it!

    You looked gorgeous!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't even remember the last time I was out till 4:45AM. You are a party animal :) Perhaps we need to frequent more pancake socials...

  3. Can't say that I've ever heard of a Pancake social either. Fried pickles...oh my goodness. I haven't tried that one yet. In my twenties I used to come home that late all the time...not anymore!

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to try fried pickles, they look so yummy!!

  5. I have never tried fried pickles. I so want to go to a pancake social. My husband wouldn't go with me though, he doesn't like pancakes. (Weirdo)

  6. out until almost five a.m. - woah, that's awesome. i am such a night owl!! and yum to the fried pickles. i haven't had them since i've been pregnant and now i want some! :) hope you're having a wonderful week. xoxox

  7. I totally commented on this...where is my comment?? Dumb blogger! Anywayyyy I love these pictures!! You are so beautiful...I love the houndstooth. I am in SHOCK y'all stayed out that late...that's so non-Whitney-ish! I like it though! And why must you torture m with the fried pickles?! We are getting some over, you, and Amanda. It's a date!