Monday, April 22, 2013

{Lack of} Weekend Shenanigans

Hi friends!

I wish I had something exciting to tell you about, like a weekend trip to Vegas, but I don't. The most exciting thing we did this weekend was take a trip to Whole Foods. {Lame}

I decided last week that I was going to try to start eating healthier. I want to do something similar to the Paleo diet, but not follow it hard core because, really, who is going to never eat grains, or dairy? That's crazy. Basically I just want more natural foods in my diet, you know, like fruits and veggies! I literally never eat fruits and veggies, except the occasional pickle on my cheeseburger.

Needless to say, we were lost in the produce section. It took us awhile to find the things we needed and we Garrett may have made a few altercations to a stalk of broccoli. Want an explanation? Ok. 

I needed broccoli for my omelet and we just needed the florets {isn't that what the little tree part is called?}, not the entire stalk. You pay by the pound so we were being cheap and not wanting to pay for this huge stalk of broccoli when we only needed the top part. 
 We wanted this:

Not this:

Garrett got creative and snapped the top part off and secretly left the stalk {and rubber band} on the shelf. Five seconds later I looked further down the shelf and there lay more broccoli, this time just the top part. Oops. I have never felt more ghetto in my life.

We left with a basket full of produce and this week I have healthy meals lined up. We will see how long it takes for me to get tired of them! This morning I had an omelet with broccoli, spinach and turkey and a side of fruit. It was ok. Want to see how disgusting it looked? Ok.


I really hope you had a more exciting weekend than we did!

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  1. Haha!!! That's hilarious!!!

    I'm trying to eat healthier too. Summer is around the corner so it is def motivating me.

  2. Hahaha you crack me up! Steve hates the stalks too. He gets all huffy when I don't just give him the florets. Whole Foods is so much fun!
    I hope you had a great day!! Xoxox

  3. You can use the stalks to make soup (like delicious broccoli cheese) That's the only way I eat the stalks.

  4. Have you ever heard of Crossfit? Steven and I just started three weeks ago and they are big on the Paleo diet! I'm with you though, no carbs or dairy is for the birds. We are going to eventually go to 80/20- 80% "clean" food and 20% delicious food :) I actually did a diet very similar to Paleo right before I got pregnant and lost 8 pounds in two weeks, but it was SO hard not having dairy! Good for you for making a change and trying something new and good luck with your new recipes!

  5. Hahaha that's so funny! We bought broccoli on Sunday and I first grabbed the ones with the long stalks, then saw ones with MUCH shorter stalks and just left our plastic sack of tree-like broccoli in the middle of the banana basket. Oops! Those stalks are for the birds.

    I'm proud of you for trying to eat healthier...wanna rub off on me? Please? We are eating at home a TON more, which is a start, but it's not exactly health food. You'll definitely have to share some of your recipes!

  6. Eating healthy does take practice and it's not always the funnest but getting more fruits and veggies in your life will be a great thing. The ghetto broccoli alterations is hilarious! I never thought about it that way but most people don't really want the stalks and it does weigh more with them on there. If you bought the pre cut ones you would have only the tops but it would be more expensive. Eating healthy is not cheap!! Did you shred the broccoli for your omelet?

  7. Costco sells broccoli florets in a big giant box for CHEAP...along with tons of other produce.

    FYI I judged you guys a *little*...

  8. Hahaha!!! That's awesome that he snapped the heads off! I've thought about doing that MANY times but have never had the guts to. :-)

  9. Haha its true that omelette looks pretty gross! I also almost never eat fruits or veggies and since summer is almost here I need to just suck it up and start eating healthier...