Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans and a Giveaway!

Hi sweeties!

Today I have two things for you!
Well, one that you will care about, and the other is my weekend recap.
{Hint: One's a giveaway!}
 If you care about both, thank you! : )

1. The Logan Panini that I got. Grilled chicken, cheese, spinach, and mayo. YUM!
2. Hellfire burger that Garrett got. Habanero sauce, fresh jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese. G was impressed.
3. Fried pickles appetizer. Can't go wrong there.
4. 2 for 1 draft beer. $6 for two Titans!
5. I did this collage backwards, but that's the place we had all of this yummy food! Govnr's Park. It was our first time here and it was delicious!
6. Free ice cream at Jason's Deli. Again.
7. Looking for vinyls at Twist & Shout.

As you can see, our weekend consisted of food and record shopping. We also watched Arrested Development and played Settlers of Catan. You know, the same 'ol same 'ol! Oh and I bought my first Dry Shampoo and a new curling iron that looks like (according to G) a strange sex toy. It's not.

Now that I got you wondering, here's a picture of it:

I have heard that these type of curling wands work great, have you ever tried one?

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Now for something you might find more exciting!
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I hope you all had great weekends!



  1. Wow, that curling iron wand thing DOES look pretty naughty! ;)

    I've never even SEEN one like this! I cannot wait to hear how it works!!!!

    And that ice cream sounds sooo good! Although, I can eat ice cream pretty much every day, any time of the day. Especially if it's *free*!

    Your weekend sounds so pleasant!

  2. Free ice cream?! I love free! Looks like you had a delicious weekend!

    I've never seen that curling iron before. Very interested now to know how well it works!

  3. I am really curious as to how that curling iron works! So kinky looking.

  4. First thing is first...that curling iron totally looks like it could be something you have double life we don't know about?

    Second, we totally need to move to a central location so we can eat fried food, and drink beer together with out husbands!

  5. Fried pickles!! Yum yum yum!!! That curling iron looks pretty cool, I use the bedhead curling wand and I love it! Works magic on this mane!

  6. yum to the fried pickles...I love the sauce they serve with them...I could drink it. Lol. The hellfire burger Garrett ordered sounds amazing!! You guys eat the best food!!! Record shopping sounds like fun! So glad you had another wonderful weekend!! Happy Monday, Whitney!! Xoxox

  7. Haha scary to mistake something that heats up with a sex toy- ouch! That hellfire burger sounds hella intense and spicy!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. What a great giveaway! That Susannah girl sounds like she's really awesome. ;-)

  9. You can NEVER go wrong with fried pickles! Yum

  10. 1. I'm hungry now
    2. I'm still scared of using curling irons after that girl burnt her hair in that video!

  11. Love that curling iron, they're amazing! You'll absolutely love it.

  12. so many great goodies!! love this giveaway!

  13. I am going to need for those fried pickles to get in my belly RIGHT NOW!

  14. 1, 2, 3 and 6, get in my belly!! I still haven't tried fried pickles. I know, completely living under a rock.

    I tried watching the first episode of Arrested Development yesterday and I just could not get into it. Pretty sucky as I was excited to watch due to all the hype.