Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

Y'all! It's here!
The day that I have been reminding you about for the last week!
The Never Have I Ever link up!

This is super exciting because:

 A. It's my first link up to co host 
B. It's a fun link up!
C. Nadine and Meighan are great blogs to check out, so don't forget to visit them!

Grab yourself a drink and lets get started!


1. Gotten black out drunk.
{Mom, I'll bet you are happy to hear that one. You're welcome!}

 Yes. I have been drunk, but never to the point where I couldn't remember what went down. Although sometimes I wish I couldn't remember.
Have you?

2. Gotten my hair done in Denver.

I have lived here for almost 3 years.
Yeah, I'll give you a minute to take that in.

I have sported the ombre trend, but not on purpose. You guys that live in Denver, I would love recommendations on places to go!

3. Made out in a public place.
{Another one my mom might like.}

I realize my father in law may argue with this. He got on to Garrett and I for kissing at a baseball game once but I swear we weren't making out! He is just picky about how much kissing he likes to see!

4. Scheduled a blog post!

After this post goes up, this will be a lie. I am planning on scheduling this post to start at 3:30am so we will see how that goes. Do you normally schedule your posts or do them the day of?

5. Loved a celebrity more than Taylor Swift

See. She's even shocked! {What? You knew she was going to make an appearance in this post sooner or later...}

While she is getting on everyone else's nerves on the planet, she's not on mine yet. I still think she's fabulous. I remember when and why I started liking her. I was a senior in high school and it was because she was my height, had curly hair, was sweet, and was awkward. {I'm all of those things too, in case you didn't know!} I still love her for those same reasons.

6. Stuck to a diet for more than several days. 

I just can't do it. I even paid a pretty penny for NutriSystem in college and didn't stick with it. I'm more likely to eat better if I can have what I want and just eat less or throw in a salad somewhere. Definitely not when someone or something is telling me what I can or can't eat. Hell no.

7. Been to Austin, TX.

That may not seem that weird to you. But it is weird! You see, I am from Texas {as in lived there my whole life until 3 years ago} and my sister now lives there. Apparently, it is the best town in Texas.  All of that will change next month when I fly in to see a special lady {guess who?} in concert with my mom and sister! SO excited!

Those are my Never Have I Evers.
What are yours??

Link up rules:
1. Follow the co hosts, Nadine, Meighan, and myself
2. Link up your actual post, not your blog
3. Grab the button below and put it somewhere in your post, or add a link
4. Have fun and visit some other blogs! 

We can't wait to read what you link up!

Never Have I Ever



  1. I adore Taylor Swift! I don't care what anyone else says, my boyfriend and I love us some T-Swift!

  2. This is honestly one of the best linkups I've seen! I completely need to link up.

    I've never scheduled a post either, lol, and I've been blogging for over 3 years. The reason is because I have no idea how to!

    I've never gotten blacked out drunk either. I hope I'm not missing out, lol.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who still loves T Swizzle!
    I love her forever, no matter what she does!!
    Thanks for doing this link up! I am obsessed with it, I swear I wont get any work done today.
    I am actually with you on all of these except for 1... whoops :)

  4. Finding a stylist is HARD! Hopefully you can get some recommendations soon! I've never been blacked out drunk either; and proud of it!! I definitely want to do this link up next time. I'm already thinking of ideas! I normally don't schedule posts. I'm too much of a control freak.

  5. I know a great hair person in Fort Collins...which isn't too far from you!

  6. I am with you on 4,5,and 6! Such a fun link-up!

  7. It seriously is the best city in TX! I LOVE it. If you need ideas of what to do let me know :)

  8. T Swift forever!! And diets are absolutely no fun at all!

  9. Hahah I love this. That drunk photo is hilarious- is that Jessica Simpson? hehe

    p.s. (no pressure), but I nominate you for a Liebster Award on my blog. :)

  10. Hey, so im linkin up with you guys today. So i deff agree with your Taylor Swift one. Not sure i like her so much as a person but her music is amazing. I have been listening to her since before she was really famous. I am obsessed with her album Red I literally like every single song and that doesn't happen very often. But i will argue with anyone who trys to claim that she is country! I am a die hard country fan and Taylor most certainly does not fall under that catagorie but either way i still love her. Nice list:)
    -Annastasia xox
    a.k.a your NEWEST FOLLOWER<3

  11. This is so fun!!! I linked up too :) I still can't believe you haven't been to Austin but glad you're changing that soon! I hear you on the hair stuff...I was the same until going to Wal Mart twice in the last 8 months. haha. Should've stuck with Sweetwater! Wal Mart haircuts are not the best.

  12. So much fun!! I linked up too!

    I was in Jersey for seven years before I finally bit the bullet and got my hair done here, I would always just go back to Philly!!

    Ange from Hairspray and High Heels

  13. This is great, Whitney! I'll have to join in next time. I almost always schedule my posts because I like them going up in the morning and I don't want to be awake that early. ;-)

  14. LOVE this link up! I have scheduled almost all of my blog posts...I usually write them within the week or the night before and schedule them for the morning. Sometimes I'm weeks out at a time! :)

  15. i love this idea for a post! I need to write one! i liked reading these!

  16. sooo glad we did the link up together! <33333 And I think I'm in a love/hate relationship with T-Swizzle. I just don't know... don't hate me! hahaha.

  17. Oooh are you going to see Taylor Swift in concert? If so, I am totally jealous! Love her!

  18. you've never been to Austin?...... no way!!!!!!!! you'll love it and you'll probably want to move there afterwards ;-)

  19. I really like t-swift too, I feel like she's gotten a bad rap lately. I've never been blackout drunk, either.. thankfully! I wouldn't be able to stand not remembering things. Thanks for hosting the link up!! :)

  20. Oh man, you got me on so many of these. Number 1, right off the bat. Number 3. Number 3 was probably a result of Number 1. Good times. I loved your list. And you HAVE to go to Austin sometime. It's the only city in Texas that I've been to and I had an amazing time. It's the only place besides the east coast I could see myself living. I loved it. Thanks for co-hosting with us!

  21. i want to visit austin so bad...i hear it's so much fun! i love how much you love taylor's so funny...whenever i hear a song of hers, you come to mind. she is a sweet girl and people need to cut her some slack!
    i hope you had a great week, whitney! thank you so much for your congrats! xoxox

  22. This is such a fun post! new follower :)
    xo jess

  23. Great link-up! Sorry I missed it.

    I love me some Taylor Swift too. It's not really her I like, but her songs.

  24. thank you for this! i am a new follower and i have linked up too! my blog: