Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feeling Let Down

Maybe you read the title of this blog and thought it was going to be something pretty serious. Like Garrett screwed up and has to sleep on the couch tonight. Nope. If you did, I am sorry.

Why am I feeling let down?
Because I signed up to participate in the Cara Box Exchange and my partner did not participate.

The idea is that you are matched with two people. One of those two sends you a package, and you send a package to the other person. There is a theme given at the beginning of the month so you know what to buy for the package. 

This month the theme was things starting with the first letter of your partners first name. I sent to a girl named Whitney {oh hey nice name!}. If you want to see what I sent her go here! 

My other partner, we will call her A, was supposed to send me a package of "W" things. But she didn't. I don't understand why she didn't because we emailed back and forth a couple of times, she asked me a couple of questions to see what things I might like, and then I never heard from her again. Even after I emailed her giving her my address {that she never asked for}. I should've known then that I wasn't getting anything!

It is now the 27th, I am supposed to be writing a Cara Box reveal to link up at Wifessional's. But, I have nothing to reveal. Yes, I am a little bitter about this. 

Note: I am in no way dissing this program, as a matter of fact I signed up to participate again next month and I am really excited about it! Alot of girls participate and as far as I know, I am the only one who's partner decided to crap out. If you like getting packages in the mail and sending packages to a new blog friend, sign up!

Just please don't sign up if you aren't going to follow through with it!

And that my friends is why I am feeling let down today. 


  1. Oh, dear!

    A similar thing happened to me once, during a team build exercise, everyone decorated and exchanged clipboards and I didn't get one =( I would love to make up for her forgetfulness - feel free to email me some info and you'll get a package, for sure!


  2. Aw man!! What a bummer, I'd be let down too!! I hate that happened to you, but I hope you have a great experience with it next month!!

  3. Oh boo!! No fun! I hate putting effort into something and not getting the same respect in return! I'm considering signing up too! It sounds fun, so long as your partner participates!

  4. I'm thinking of signing up to, sounds like a great program! Thats basically what its about, participating in it..thats what I'd hope everyone who signs up would do..seriously a pet peeve!

  5. Oh, that sucks, Whitney. I'm so sorry! I hope this month goes a million times better for you!

  6. I would send you W things in a heartbeat. I'll call your mom in Sweetwater and get your address ;-) it's only down the road!

  7. That's too bad! My package hasn't arrived yet either. I did get an email from the person who sent to me, though, apologizing for sending it out late. Maybe yours is still on the way...

  8. I remember a while back when I was trying to figure out what this Carabox thing was I read her tab with all the rules in it. I can tell she really tries to make people understand that you shouldn't sign up if you don't want to do it and be really firm and clear about spelling everything out. Chances are she'll be banned from any future exchanges. Bummer that a bad apple spoiled the party for you. Next time!!!

  9. I completely understand how you would feel let down. How selfish and inconsiderate! I hope that you receive something super special in next month's exchange :)

  10. I was always the cheerleader who's secret sister didn't do anything :( I know how you feel. Boo on that person.

  11. i'm always hesitant to participate in those swaps because of things like this! i wish I wouldn't signed up and been your partner! :)

  12. Oh no that's no fun! I hate that for you :( If I was your box exchange partner you would have definitely gotten a box. The box you sent to your partner was awesome too!!

  13. THIS PERSON STINKS! I was so excited to see your "W" things! :( I'm so sorry dear. I do appreciate the efforts you did to send my fantastic box.

    You are a wonderful one!

  14. What a bummer!

    Hopefully something came up and she'll send your package right away... {hopefully}


    People like that disturb me.

    Don't participate if you are not going to follow the rules.
    It's supposed to be fun!


  15. oh no, I hate that! It happened to me in one of the first swaps I joined. then I've had many many who have not posted anything about what I sent them. but worse is not receiving a thing!