Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Sunday Currently

So here I am again, copying someone else's idea for a blog post. 
I don't even care, because:

A. It's a good idea for a post


   B. It' still snowing outside which means I have done nothing productive all weekend and don't have a thing to write about. 

As a matter of fact, I just woke up (yes at 3:45pm!) and G is still asleep (at 4:45, just for the record). I decided for sure this weekend that I am 26 going on 85 because all we did was play board games and watch Game of Thrones.

Lucky for you, what I am currently doing is almost just as exciting!

Reading: This post over and over, which right now is a couple of sentences. I swear my brain has turned to mush and I can't think correctly. I'm also reading Meighan's blog so that I can get the order of these things I am currently doing. Hi Meighan!

Writing:  This blog post. And I have been doing so since about 4:10. It's 5:10 now. I keep getting distracted by my cats, husband, and thoughts of ordering a pizza for dinner.

Listening: To my cats run wild all over the place, tackling each other, and jumping out and scaring each other. Sweet boys are playful this morning evening. Oh, I'm also hearing my stomach growl.

Thinking: About that pizza I mentioned earlier. And that after I am done writing this post I need to get up and do some serious dish washing. And take the trash out. See smelling below...

Smelling: Ok, y'all, I'm going to be honest here even though this is gross and super embarrassing. Gotta keep things real, right? Currently I am smelling old chicken. When we buy chicken we get a big pack and go ahead and trim the fat off of each piece and freeze each breast in individual bags. Apparently we didn't rinse out the container that the chicken came in well enough because it is stinking up our trash like something fierce. 

Wishing: A bunch of things. Top of the list? 1. Vacation 2. Pizza 3. Warmer Weather

Hoping: That I have the motivation this week to keep up with the 5k training app that I just downloaded and that the weather warms up. It's hard to make yourself go run when it's cold outside.

Wearing: Victoria's Secret Pink sweatpants and a Texas Tech Under Armor T-shirt. It's huge on me and super comfortable. It's what I slept in last night.

Loving: That it is Sunday and I get to spend the day with my husband. And that I am ordering a pizza later.

Wanting: If you haven't figured this one out by now then...I'll just say it again. I want pizza! And a big, huge, million dollar shopping spree. Hey, a girl can dream.

Needing: To wash my hair. It feels greasy and it's frizzy. Not a winning combo.

Feeling: Hungry. 

Clicking: Back and forth between my blog and Meighan's. 

Doesn't my day sound fascinating?
I hope you all had fun weekends! Can't wait to read about them and compare them to my boring weekend and then feel sorry for myself and for my weekend. 
Going on 85 I tell ya!


  1. Hiiii, Whit! <333333
    Girl, I hope you get that pizza. Do the delivery guys come when it's snowing? (God, I'm so Alabama it's not even funny.) Loooooove you!

  2. haha, I'm loving this post...and pizza sounds SO good right now.

  3. I hope you ordered you some pizza little lady! That does sound good! Have you seen the commericials for those pizza hut sliders? I wanna try those. We ate at Dickeys and weren't all that impressed...have y'all ever eaten there? It was just kindof overpriced...the mac 'n cheese was amazing though.

    I miss your face! Wish it would warm up in Denver for you!! It was SO humid here yesterday, I would've killed for snow. You're lucky to live in a winter wonderland!

  4. Positively riveting!! But that's what sunday's are for. I'm so jealous about that Pizza of course. Mj flirted with ordering some but we ended up making our little basic stuff at home instead. I did eat out Fri Sat night so I guess it was time to eat home food. Keep up with the 5k training. Spring has sprung and should be coming to a town near you very soon!!!

  5. All I've been doing is craving pizza lately!
    I can eat it every day, I swear!
    Luckily we're getting my favorite deep dish but... Not until TOMORROW NIGHT.

    I love your 85 self! Those are the best weekends! I love board games, but we usually play video games. Still awesome but a strain on your eyes :D

  6. I certainly hope you got your pizza. ;-)

  7. Haha you are so funny!

    All I'm thinking about is pizza now! I had two delicious slices last night and I want some again.

    Pizza, the best food ever!

  8. your cats sound awesome! ours have been extra crazy lately...i think they sense something with the baby coming. they charge up and down the hallway at all hours of the night and i just noticed a scratch on Muffin's nose. lol.
    stinky chicken is the worst...that happens to us too!
    it sounds like a perfect, relaxing weekend to me! :)