Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A to Z

Kelly over at Sparkles and Shoes did an All About Me from A to Z post about a week ago and when I commented on her post, she encouraged me to do my own. Her blog is full of fun fashion ideas and she just participated in The Messy Project. What I am trying to say is that her blog is a fun read so go check her out!

Kelly, thanks for encouraging me to do my own A to Z post!

So here goes...

A = Available or Married?
Married. To the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. My soul mate. Ok, you get the picture.  Check out our love story or read about our destination wedding here.

B = Book?
Two words- Gone Girl. If you haven't read it, go get it today! As of right now, it is my favorite book.

C = Cake or Pie?
As much as I love both, I have to go with pie. Pie is my favorite dessert, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

D = Drink of choice?
Coke. Always.
 I also love sweet tea, skim milk, and ice cold water. As far as alcoholic drinks go, I am a sucker for any fruity drink. Blue Hawaiian? Yes please.

E = Essential start to your day?
Folgers in my cup! Just kidding. Getting enough sleep and being able to pee first thing in the morning.

F = Favorite Color
Cobalt blue. 

  G = Game to play or watch?
Play- Settlers of Catan Watch- Football 

 H = Height?
5'11. Yep, I'm taller than pretty much all of my friends. And I have a hard time finding pants that are long enough. Just so you know..

I = Indulgence?
Blogging, fast food, dessert, and good TV.

J = Job?
I am a counselor at Excelsior Youth Center. I work with abused/neglected teenaged girls.

 K = Kids and names?
Just two cat sons named Junior and Harley. They are enough for now ; ).

L = Life is incomplete without?
My husband, my family, and my best friend. And sometimes dessert.

M = Music group or singer?
I doubt I have to tell y'all this if you have been reading my blog, but Taylor Swift is my pretend bff. Not really, but I know we would be if we knew each other. 

N = Number of siblings?
Just one. Her name is Alyssa, she's four years younger, and she's awesome. I wish she were a blogger.

O = Overnight hospital stays?
None, thankfully. The hospital scares me. Seriously, I hate even going to visit someone in the hospital.

P = Phobias/ Fears?
Cheesy answer but it's the truth- losing those I love. More irrational fear- someone breaking in and getting me.

Q = Favorite Quote?
"Comparison is the thief of joy." 
I have a bad habit of comparing what others have to what I want/have and it gets me down. This quote helps me remember not to do that.

R = Righty or Lefty?
Lefty and proud of it. : )

S = Season?
Fall and spring. 
Before the weather gets overly cold or hot. I can not stand being too hot.  Fall means pumpkin spice and a crisp chill in the air and spring means flowers and sunshine. What's not to love?

T = Time you wake up?
Ha. Lately it has been at about 3pm because G and I have been staying up until about 7am due to his work schedule. That's getting old.

U = Unknown fact about me?
I wear contacts and I am almost blind without them. It's bad.

V = Vegetables you dislike?
Funny. I literally can only think of a couple veggies that I do like. So everything but potatoes, spinach, and carrots.

W = What makes you run late?
Getting dressed. I am so picky if I am going somewhere. Clothes generally end up making me mad.

X = X-rays you've had?
I broke my arm when I was younger. I'm sure there were X-rays of that. I fell off of one of those spring horses because I was using a pearl necklace as reins and it broke. It's ok, you can laugh!

It was similar to this:

Y = Your favorite food?
I like alot of foods, but I could pretty much always go for a cheeseburger with pickles and mustard.

Z = Zodiac?
Aquarius, though I don't get into that stuff.

Now you know everything!  : )

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  1. I'm a lefty too!! We rock :)

    And that quote is one of my all-time favs.

  2. Reading this makes me realize how many things we have in common! I am blind without my contacts, too!!

  3. Love this! I am totally gonna take this and do it soon! It's fun to read all your answers too!

  4. I remember those goofy little spring horses! Pearls as reigns. Okay laughing since you said I could. And I'm blind as a bat without contacts too. So sad. I found out some new things about you. Cool.

  5. Yay for tall girls & destination weddings. :) I just happened upon your blog and I am loving it. Don't mind all the comments. ;)

  6. I love this, Whit!!!! That first picture of you and G is one of my all-time favorites....stil makes me sad that we weren't at y'alls wedding :(. Can you renew your vows please? Maybe in Italy? That might be my only chance at talking Z into going back (not that he wouldn't want to...but that he wouldn't wanna pay for it! As you well know, it's $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!).

    I seriously laugh everytime you talk about T.Swift..."not really, but I know we would be if we knew each other". hahahaha thing is, I actually believe you! Y'all look so much alike and she seems sweet and silly like you...I bet y'all really would be bff's! But then I'd be mad 'cause I'd be kicked to the curve. So I guess I'm secretly thankful you don't know Taylor :)

    Glad we finally caught up a little yesterday...I miss you so much! Hope you and G figure out something fun to do for Easter...y'all should have a little egg hunt or something. I'll eat some fried pickles for you!!

  7. Yes, Gone Girl is an amazing book!! I couldn't put it down! I trust all your opinions on books now :D

    Settlers of Catan? So much fun!

    I hate the hospital too and also wear contacts!

    It was fun seeing how much we have in common :)

  8. fall and spring is one of my fav seasons too! i enjoy reading this! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. such a fun post!! you and garrett look amazing as does your wedding day! my mom's friend was just telling me how good gone girl is! ohmygosh, that horse - we had that exact same one...oh, i totally forgot about it until i saw your photo. ouchhh, sorry you had a bad fall because of it! i love the quote!
    and agree on the clothes...i could be doing so well on time and then i get to my closet and stand and stare and have a fashion show with too many different outfits.
    thanks for sharing! :)
    hope you have a great night!

  10. Beautiful wedding picture! We've already discussed my love for Taylor as well so we'll just have to share her. And that quote is spot on. You do you girl, you're obviously awesome!! :)

    1. Thanks sweet girl! And I don't know about sharing Taylor, I guess if I ever get the chance to be BFFs with her we can talk about it ; ). And I think you are awesome too!